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This week on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, “Outlaw Country”,  Heywood finally gets a super suit so maybe now he can stop complaining about not feeling like a real hero because I’m sick of it.

I just realized that this entire time I’ve been assuming the speedster that the Legends keep encountering is Reverse Flash. I mean, it’s obvious that he is the Reverse Flash, however, our Legends aren’t yet aware of that yet. So from now on, I’ll refer to him as a speedster. Ya’ll know who it is.

In case any of you are wondering, no, Jax doesn’t get to do jack squat in this episode. Surprise.

The Legends, recovering from their encounter with Damien Darkh, focus on learning more about the “speedster” that keeps appearing in their battles, as well as figuring out the origins of the amulet that they recovered from Darkh during the previous episode. During a sidebar, Jax tells Dr. Stein that they need to bring up Barry’s message to the group which  PROBABLY MAKES A LOT OF SENSE CONSIDERING HE’S ALSO A SPEEDSTER AND COULD HELP THEM. For some odd reason, Dr. Stein says no.


Meanwhile, an aberration sends our team to the Wild West, where they stumble on Jonah Hex (throwback) being hung by a group of gun totin’ bad guys. They later learn that this week’s aberration is Turnbull, who’s taken over the majority of the American West. Anyone that’s taken 1st grade history knows that that isn’t supposed to happen. Sara sends half of the Legends to find out Turnbull’s attack plans, where they find that Turnbull’s stockpiling some kind of ore. When the team investigates said ore, they realize that it’s the Dwarf Star, one of the rarest minerals in the world – a mineral in which Dr. Palmer powers his ant suit with. So that’s bad.

Amaya (Vixen) and Mick are sent inside of a saloon to cause trouble with Turnbull, which upsets Amaya who neither likes nor trusts Mick. The twist is, Mick and Turnbull end up bonding with each other. Hex, with a personal vendetta against Turnbull, breaks up the camaraderie and starts a Western saloon brawl. Ish gets real when Turnbull uses a Dwarf star bullet against the group. Heywood jumps in front of Turnbull’s super bullet, which  penetrates his Steel exterior.

Back on the ship, Sara confronts Hex about why he went against her orders and started a confrontation with Turnbull. She forces him to tell her about his history with Trunbull and learns that Turnbull’s an evil bastard who once tried to burn everyone in their town alive.

Eventually, the team realizes that the only way to defeat Turnbull and stop him from taking over the American West is to seal the mine containing the Dwarf Star and to stop Turnbull from blowing up the railway connecting the West to the rest of America.  Newsflash: they all win.


Palmer, who collects some of the Dwarf Star material, is hopeful that he’ll now be able to rebuild his suit.  I hope that doesn’t mean he’ll go back to his old annoying self, I’m loving humble Palmer. He also uses the Star to create a suit for Heywood, who maybe now will stop complaining about not feeling like a real hero. My god.

I enjoyed all of the character interactions this episode. The entire team was broken into pairs, and out of each pair we learned a little bit more about every character’s truth. Mick admitted to Amaya that he doesn’t feel part of the group because the group tries to leash his dark side. Jax’s concern for Dr. Stein grows, as Dr. Stein begins to suffer from debilitating visions which cause him to see memories that aren’t his. Palmer and Heywood  express their insecurities at being inadequate heroes with each other. Although this episode may have been a bit slow-paced, for what it was, I felt like the slowness of the middle act was made up by the sweetness of connecting with these characters. Plus, I was pleasantly surprised by Amaya and Mick’s connection. I’m a sucker for a taming the beast story, and I think it’s sweet that Amaya is the one that convinces Mick to put his destructive nature aside and to do good for the team. I ship those two.


Can we talk about Heywood for a second? After he gets shot by a Dwarf Star bullet, the ship’s computer lets the Legends know that his organs are in danger and he only has a 51% chance at survival. Then, a few scenes later, he’s completely fine. Hold up. Wasn’t his hemophilia a huge deal a few episode’s ago? Now all of a sudden he’s able to fully recover from a gunshot wound lodged inbetween his internal organs? That story point didn’t seem nessassary at all, and it kind of seemed like it was trying to redundantly touch on his fears of not being a good enough super hero. While I can honestly say I enjoyed spending personal time with our characters, I’m over Heywood and his “maybe I’m not fit to be a hero thing.” At this point he and the crew have been on several missions in which he’s played a pivotal role in. I’m just confused as to why we’re still dealing with his egotistical self-doubt and I’m ready for him to move on. Maybe I would buy into this story if Heywood wasn’t constantly doing well on missions. There’s literally no reason for him to be feeling like less of a hero, and personally, I’m over his complaining.


So this episode felt a bit…anticlimactic, but that’s okay! I think for all of it’s slowness, this episode was one of my favorites. The story was clean, the character’s conflicts were pretty clear, and I enjoyed that it was set in the Wild West … mostly for the outfits. Simplicity isn’t bad, and while the show did seem a little flat, I thought it delievered on all fronts.

While we leave this episode without any more information on the Reverse Flash — I mean the speedster– we end on the eerie note that Dr. Stein’s visions could be caused by an aberration in his own life. He fears that after coming in contact with his younger self in the previous episode, he caused a change in his own life. What does that mean? Does he still have his wife? Who is this new chick that keeps appearing in his visions? I’m excited to find out.

A safe but solid episode ya’ll.


Season 2, Episode 6 (S02E06)
Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursdays at 8PM on The CW 

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