“Legends of Tomorrow” Star Speaks Out on Exit: “It’s been So Much Fun”


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Franz Drameh has posted a goodbye message to fans the day after officially leaving DC’s in the previous night’s episode.

“It’s been soo much fun portraying jax and firestorm!!” the actor tweeted Wednesday. “Hope you’ve enjoyed watching as much as I’ve enjoyed playing.”

Drameh’s status on the show had been in question since last week’s Crisis on Earth-X crossover left his character Jefferson Jackson, formerly of the superhero duo Firestorm, without his partner and without his superpowers.

In Tuesday’s Legends of Tomorrow, Jax confronted a younger version of Martin Stein (played in present day by Victor Garber), warning him of his impending death at the hands of Earth-X Nazis.

Rather than heed the warning, the younger Martin decides to continue living his life to the fullest, prompting Jax, returned to his own time, to make a similar decision – leaving the Waverider and his fellow Legends, in order to pursue his own happiness.

Of course, it was the fall finale of Legends, so Jax was soon replaced by a potential new Legend – the sorcerer Constantine (Matt Ryan), whose return to the Arrowverse has been long-awaited.

Legends of Tomorrow will return Tuesday, Jauary 16 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.


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