“LEGO Ninjago” Director Charlie Bean Signs Up for Live Action “Lady and the Tramp”


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has been remaking many of its animated classics as live action/CG hybrid films following the success of The Jungle BookBeauty and the Beast and Cinderella, but they’re beginning to produce such films for its announced but unnamed digital service.

Next on Disney’s remake list is the 1955 animated classic , and The LEGO Ninjago Movie director has closed his deal to direct the film.

The Jungle Book‘s Brigham Taylor is producing the project, which will be made specifically for Disney’s unnamed digital streaming service launching next year.It will be one of between four and six originally movies made a year specifically for the service along with film and offerings from Disney and its brands, which include Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars. (Jungle Book director Jon Favreau is already writing and exec. producing a live-action Star Wars series for the service.)

The original animated film was a love between a pedigreed dog named Lady and a street mutt named Tramp, who saves Lady after she’s put on the street by her owners.

Andrew Bujalski wrote the script for the remake, while Jessica Virtue and Chaz Salembier will oversee for Disney.

Like most kids who grew up watching The Wonderful World of Disney on television Sunday nights, Lady and the Tramp was a beloved film from my childhood, the scene of two dogs sharing a string of spaghetti being an image that few will ever forget. Because much of the movie involves two dogs, one assumes they’ll both be CG and voiced by name .  What’s interesting is that the project isn’t specifically being made through Walt Disney’s animation division, so maybe there will be more live action than expected. (Possibly live dogs with CG used to make them talk?)

Represented by , Bean has written for episodes of Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory, and he already has worked with Disney directing most of the episodes of the Tron: Uprising animated series for Disney XD.

The Hollywood Reporter initially broke the news.

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