Leigh Whannell’s Cyber-Thriller “Upgrade” Gets Red and Green Band Trailers (Video)



Saw and Insidious co-creator  has had a pretty solid run with Blumhouse Productions, who let him make his directorial debut with Insidious Chapter Three a couple years back.

Whannell’s latest movie (formerly called Stem), which he wrote and directed, looks just as bonkers as some of the Insidious films, as it mixes a couple different genres.

The movie stars Logan Marshall-Green from Prometheus as Grey Trace, a man paralyzed in a brutal mugging that left his wife dead, who is approached by a billionaire inventor to try out an experimental “upgrade,” an implant called STEM that allows Grey to walk and move again. It also includes an Artificial Intelligence that starts controlling Grey and forcing him to get revenge on the men that killed his wife.

So it’s sort of a cross between science-fiction, action, horror and a revenge thriller to boot, all cool genres, plus it also stars Betty Gabriel, who was so amazing in Get Out last year.

Blumhouse will release Upgrade through its BH Tilt distribution arm on June 1, and you can watch either the red or green band trailers below, depending on how squeamish you get with violence.

Red Band

Green Band

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