LETHAL WEAPON Review: “Double Shot of Baileys”


Lethal Weapon gave a deeper look at our favorite B-Team detective with a “Double Shot of Baileys.” It’s good to put the Riggs drama on the shelf for a while. He’s in this episode and pretty much his own worst enemy but Det. Bailey was the featured character as she works a case involving her own family hot mess, her sister Jess.

Jess is a cocktail waitress at a popular club where she works dancing targets for easy money with her boyfriend CJ. She scores a wallet fat with cash when she picks the pocket of a horny patron. Jess and CJ have a good time in a nice hotel at the mark’s expense until room service arrives and stabs CJ in the eye with an icepick. Jess hides under the bed, she only sees the killer’s work-boots, Red Laces. Red runs off when the real room service arrives and flips out over CJ’s body. Jess runs for her life, but she leaves a distinctive necklace behind.

Murtaugh takes a stab at helping Riana through some daughter pain while Trish is away at a business retreat. Riana thinks Robbie McNeile is cheating on her, though Murtaugh doesn’t think that’s possible. He assures Riana his LAPD connections will uncover any truth to her suspicions. He isn’t the only detective abusing his authority and city resources this week. Riggs wakes up after a blackout night of drinking. More importantly, he has no clue where his truck is. The man is a menace with a badge, it isn’t funny, he shouldn’t be on the streets unsupervised and he certainly shouldn’t be allowed to carry a firearm. He asks Bailey for help down his truck once he finally arrives at the crime scene.

Scorsese finds a lot of DNA in the hotel room, but Bailey finds something even more disturbing, Jess’ necklace. Riggs is hungover, but he sees Bailey pocket the evidence. He asks, quietly, why she would conceal evidence and she explains she thinks her sister was in the room. Bailey just wants a chance to talk with her before the rest of the cops do. Riggs gets it, he even smashes a piece of evidence to slow the forensics down.

Murtaugh tries to give Riggs chances to come clean about his drinking and he kids him about losing his truck, but Riggs isn’t in the mood. He drives off with Bailey, she’s her sister’s phone. Bowman also gets a lead; club footage showed the icepick victim, CJ, having an argument with a known drug dealer, Drexel Simms, at the club. Murtaugh and Bowman ride out to watch Drexel’s place.

Riggs and Bailey see Jess inside the house being questioned about some money CJ took or owes. Two of Drexel’s hench spot Murtaugh’s car outside. Riggs throws a rock to warn Murtaugh trouble is headed his way. There is a brief firefight, Murtaugh and Riggs defeat the baddies and Bailey arrests her sister. Here, the Bailey plot brings Murtaugh in a little deeper. He doesn’t understand why Bailey didn’t tell him about her sister sooner. Riggs must be a bad influence. Then again, Murtaugh has been mentoring her, she’s more than just smart, she’s courageous.

Jess explains they didn’t rip off any drug dealers, and Drexel has a solid alibi for CJ’s murder. She confesses they used money from s stolen wallet to pay for the hotel.  Jess offers to return to the club to lure the baddies out. Jess picked the pocket of an accountant on the run from the Minnesota mob. I know, it’s difficult to take seriously. Bailey goes undercover as a waitress and Riggs jumps behind the bar, which is a terrible idea. Jess tries to crawl off the dance floor and sees the killer’s red boot laces. He grabs her and takes her towards the door, but Riggs catches up.

Riggs fights the icepick guy, but a second hench shoots him in his flask. Jess escapes and Riggs has a hard time explaining he saw two killers that looked exactly alike. This is where Bailey doesn’t blame anyone else and accepts her part in the batched operation. She asks Avery for a leave of absence. Murtaugh should be proud, Bailey doesn’t lean on short cuts. Jess finds a locker key hidden in the accountant’s wallet. She checks it out and discovers a duffle bag of cash. New Jess breaks into Bailey’s apartment to ask for help instead of just driving off with the loot.

The hench from St. Paul are triplets. Two jump Riggs at Jess’ apartment and the third captures Murtaugh and Bailey at hers. Icepick hench drives off with them in the truck and picks up his favorite brother. Riggs overpowers the one guy watching him and heads to the locker location Jess gives him over the phone. Cue the fight/action sequence, another win for LAPD. Jess accepts her role in the chaos and faces her day in court. By any measure, both Baileys are way ahead of Riggs.

Riggs is haunted by something his father told him just after his mom’s funeral, “Riggs men don’t ask for help.” In a very uncharacteristic move, Riggs goes to Murtaugh and tells him he needs help. That’s a huge step forward for this nasty mess of a man. A haircut would also help, but baby steps and all. Murtaugh found Riggs’ truck and had it towed to his garage.


Season 2, Episode 14 (S02E14)
Lethal Weapon airs Wednesdays at 8PM on Fox

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