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LETHAL WEAPON shows a little hope for Riggs when he meets his DEA counterpart in “Fashion Police.” Riggs continues to lose sleep when he dreams about Miranda. In his dreams, Miranda keeps asking Riggs to join her. In his reality, his trailer is invaded by a stray dog with a hair trigger bladder. Riggs wishes pee was the worst thing he had to deal with in his day.

Murtaugh tries to enjoy a week when Trish and the older kids are out of town. He can eat whatever he wants and have the guys over for a poker game, but his good time plan takes a turn when his nanny gets sick and he has to take the baby to a crime scene with him.

The victim is Richard Kim. He is found in the fashion district shot in the head, broken, and folded in a suitcase. Riggs checks out the stuffed toy factory next to the crime scene while Murtaugh interviews the owners,  Mr. And Mrs. Hong. Kim was one of their son’s friends.

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Riggs wants to take a peek inside one of their crates of stuffed bunnies when they notice a whole truck about to roll out. Riggs suspects a drug trafficking operation and chases the truck as it drives off in our Lethal Weapon action sequence of the night. Riggs hangs on for dear life as the truck driver tries to bump him off. Eventually the truck has to stop and Riggs chases the driver on foot, only to get knocked down when a woman opens her car door. The woman turns out to be Agent Palmer, DEA. She’s pissed Riggs and Murtaugh stumbled into and maybe ruined her lengthy investigation.

Palmer tells Captain Avery to pull Riggs and Murtaugh off the case, but he backs his detectives; she’s exceeding her authority. Like Riggs, she doesn’t work well with others and she doesn’t want to cooperate with LAPD.

Riggs and Murtaugh get a lead on the van used to move the Kim suitcase and track it to a hotel where the assassin is about to open fire on Agent Palmer and the Hongs. Riggs thinks fast and saves Palmer and the Hongs from the assassin’s fire, but Caldera escapes. Riggs gets a name out of Vincent Hong during interrogation and Palmer agrees to a joint stake out. They take the first two shifts watching Bambi Mortenstern’s boutique while Murtaugh enjoys game night with his buddies. All of Murtaugh’s friends cancel for various reasons leaving just him and the baby again.

Riggs and Palmer enter Mortenstern’s shop when she opens and bug her phone, but they don’t get any helpful information. Riggs sends Detective Cruz in as a cartel enforcer to shake Bambi up. The ploy works, Bambi calls her contact for a meeting, but she destroys her phone and its bug.

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Riggs sneaks into the trunk of her car with another bug so Palmer and Murtaugh can track his movement. Bambi meets with Caldera, but he notices her trunk is riding low. He doesn’t kill Riggs right off, he takes him someplace remote for questioning. Caldera tortures Riggs for information on how many of his operations are compromised. Riggs doesn’t actually know and he wouldn’t say if he did. He spends most of his days wanting to join Miranda.

Murtaugh and Palmer find Bambi’s car with their tracker in the truck. They have no idea where Riggs is or how to find him. Bambi wants no part of the torture scene; Caldera shoots her in the head. He’s more interested in Riggs, he knows Bambi won’t stand up to interrogation. Riggs fights back when Caldera talks about targeting Murtaugh and his family. Caldera escapes but Riggs breaks free and follows.  Caldera traps Riggs in a dead end alley, he has a gun and Riggs has a blunt stick.

Riggs kneels down, ready for his execution, but Palmer arrives and hits Caldera with her car. She doesn’t kill him; Caldera gets arrested but doesn’t talk. Palmer asks Riggs to dinner, but he isn’t interested. She tells Riggs she knows it isn’t exactly the same, but she was crushed after her divorce. The DEA doesn’t offer any special counseling for that, so she just pours herself into work.


Riggs asks Dr. Cahill why is grief isn’t getting any better with time. Cahill explains time isn’t going to help, but making more connections to the living may help it hurt less. Riggs may not be ready to hang with Agent Palmer, but he grabs a six pack and his new incontinent stray and heads over to join Murtaugh’s fun night.

It’s unclear whether Lethal Weapon will be calling on Agent Palmer again, but they did leave that door open. She shows Riggs a map with all her open investigations in the area.  The Hong’s were a win, but there’re plenty more cases to close. A hopeful Riggs is a more dynamic Riggs; it gives his character more room to play. The show is posting an impressive rookie season and should get better when the increased order episode s hit.

Season 1, Episode 7 (S01E07)
Lethal Weapon airs Wednesdays at 8PM on Fox

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