LETHAL WEAPON Review: “The Murtaugh File”


LETHAL WEAPON spends an episode in Dr. Cahill’s world with “The Murtaugh File.” This tory centered on a few critical secrets. Riggs doesn’t like to talk but he isn’t very secretive. This week, as he leaves his latest session with Dr. Cahill, he glances at her file drawer and sees a folder with Murtaugh’s name on it. From that point on, he wants to know why Murtaugh had to see her. We mostly see Murtaugh as a man with a high EQ, I am interested in that time of his life that caused his melt down and broke his heart.

Meanwhile, Murtaugh and Trish discover Riana has been lying to them about where she goes at night. Trish likes to give her space, but she isn’t against a little parental snooping and Murtaugh encourages the invasion of privacy. They sneak into her room when she is gone and find a fake ID, then Riana catches them.  There isn’t anything terrible behind the lies. Recently, Riana’s DJ friends have helped her find regular gigs, but she needs the ID to work the clubs. Trish and Murtaugh feel terrible about the way they handled the situation and end up going to hear her set.


Dr. Cahill’s world is much more complicated. By day, she helps the dysfunctional men and women of LAPD, but her night life is just as dramatic. Her new boyfriend, Sean Hawkins, is murdered in the opening sequence. It begins with his motorcycle versus a large pickup truck on a twisty mountain road, and ends with the truck slamming into him and sending him over the side. Sean’s helmet cam caught enough of the attack for Murtaugh to read a license plate. When they follow up, they find an empty house except for a camera with a long lens pointed at Cahill’s house; she has a stalker.

Captain Avery calls in another therapist, Dr. Ron Levinson, to audit Cahill’s cases and help identify a suspect. Dr. Cahill understands the need to do this, but she doesn’t like Ron or his quick judgements. Right off, he has a suspect in mind for the detectives. Kevin Flynn was a former patient, convict, that threatened to kill Dr. Cahill when he got the chance. Cahill thinks Flynn is a dead end but Riggs and Murtaugh go to question him. Flynn is a Chihuahua of a man, tiny and mouthy, but also fearless and quick to attack. He gives Riggs and Murtaugh both a beat down and he still hates Dr. Cahill, but he does have an alibi. Strike one.


Riggs drives Cahill home and gets a taste of what it’s like to be close to someone who says nothing. They notice a light go on in her house and Riggs goes in to investigate the intruder. Riggs sneaks in and clocks Brad, Cahill’s ex-husband, on the head. He isn’t welcome in her home but Cahill needs him to sign an agreement to sell their house. Brad is nosy, he wants to know all about this new dead boyfriend and Riggs wants to know where he was on the morning Sean was killed.

Brad has an alibi but Cahill’s stalker attacks him too. He throws Brad in front of a truck by the courthouse. Strike two. Riggs keeps digging at Murtaugh’s secret reason for seeing Cahill. It comes down to performance anxiety. Murtaugh and Avery found themselves in a tough spot with a couple of baddies. One of them took Avery hostage. They had a signal and Avery signaled Murtaugh to shoot, but he froze up and didn’t take the shot. After that, Murtaugh also froze up with Trish in the bedroom. That’s what Cahill helped him through. I don’t think it’s what Riggs, or any of us, had in mind.


Detective Bailey and her new trainee, Montero, get a hit off an expensive long-shot saliva DNA test from the card that arrived with flowers at Cahill’s door. It’s a match for the creepy Dr. Ron. Avery calls to warn Murtaugh, who is watching Cahill’s house from a distance, but it’s too late. Dr. Ron is at the door. Ron claims he got a call from someone at LAPD to deliver some case files to Cahill at her house. Murtaugh calls to warn her, but Ron won’t let her leave his sight, he says it’s too dangerous. Suddenly, Officer Montero, the real killer, appears out of nowhere and shoots Ron dead.

Montero has been obsessed with Cahill ever since she helped him get over his break up with his wife. Riggs arrives and gets a hold of Cahill, but Montero pulls a gun on them and opens up the propane jets from Cahill’s fireplace to cue the Lethal Weapon moment of the night. Riggs knows Murtaugh is watching from outside and he gives him Avery’s old signal to take the shot. Murtaugh doesn’t hesitate; he shoots Montero in his gun hand. Riggs uses the distraction to grab Cahill and head for the back as Montero picks up his gun with his other hand and fires, delivering a Lethal Weapon trifecta; explosion, Riggs and Cahill smash through a window, and fall into her pool. Fire, Water, Broken Glass. Next week, Thomas Lennon resurrects another beloved character from the movie series, Leo Getz.

Season 1, Episode 14 (S01E014)
Lethal Weapon airs Wednesdays at 8PM on Fox

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