Levi Miller Plans To Never Grow Up



Joe Wright has cast himself a Peter Pan. will take up the mantel of the boy who never grows up in the WB’s , a retelling of an orphan who is taken to Neverland where he leads the natives in a rebellion against the pirates.

Miller will be in good acting company alongside Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, and a possible Rooney Mara. Wright, working off of a script by Jason Fuchs, is planning to give us a new look at the story of Peter by exploring more of the origin story of the boy kidnapped by pirates during WWII.

Miller’s credits only include a couple of shorts and an episode of “Tera Nova,” but considering the boy hasn’t hit puberty yet, we can’t really judge on past performances. This one is completely in the hands of Wright, and if the movie comes out well, he could end up launching Miller’s career to a whole new level.

Miller is repped by .



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