Linklater Follows Lawrence Out Of “The Rosie Project”



Following ’s announcement that she will be leaving The Rosie Project, director is following suit citing Lawrence as the reason he wished to work on the project in the first place. It was revealed yesterday that Lawrence would be leaving the project while also signing onto an unknown Darren Aronofsky project.

Rosie is being written by writing team and who previously wrote (500) Days of Summer, The Spectacular Now, and most recent this summer’s Paper Towns. 

The film is about a middle-aged professor with Aspergers who creates a dating questionnaire to help him fight a straight-laced woman. But when a free-spirited lady comes around he finds that he starts falling for her. It is based on the book of the same name by .

Neustadter and Weber’s work has been consistently tied to the “free-spirited” female characters that are so often criticized in film. Paper Towns in particular focused on this trope, ultimately criticizing the male protagonist for his obsession with the female. The pair wrote Rosie to match Lawrence’s voice, so the script will likely require a rewrite while they look for a new female lead. Considering their strength in this genre, Neustadter and Weber should be able to deliver a strong script that does service to the book despite the sudden changes. Maybe Sony should look to a director the guys have a preexisting relationship with, like Paper Towns’ Jake Schreier. 

Linklater, who won a Best Director Golden Globe for his film Boyhood, has had a remarkable , best-known for the Before Sunset trilogy and Dazed and Confused. 

He is repped at and Cinetic Management. 


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