Live + 5: The Best Shows Of The Week (4.1.16)



We’ve sorted through our DVR to bring you the five best episodes of television that you may have missed this week.



Hulu Reveals The Path

Hulu has been working hard to win viewers and critical acclaim with their original programming. They won some attention with Casual and more recently with Stephen King’s 11.22.63.  may finally be what pushes the network through the awards-attention threshold as it explores what defines a cult and the examines the people who choose to participate. The first two episodes did not blow me away, but in a time where the argument of what religions are “wrong” or “right” happen daily and ramp up during election cycles, I’m simply that some kind of scripted programming is exploring the topic without taking it into over-the-top soap territory.



Trailer Park Boys Are Back

 premiered its tenth season on Netflix this past Monday (where it’s been since 2014; it was previously on the Canadian network Showcase). After so many seasons, four features, and two live shows, you would expect the series to lose some luster. But the Mike Clattenberg-created comedy never misses a step. Julian, Ricky, Bubbles and the whole trailer park are back and appear to have set themselves up with a nice new operation in the form of a bar. The sweet life cannot last forever, though, and their “cushy” lifestyle is quickly crumbling around them while the characters let the crude humor and expletives fly.


Supergirl, Meet The Flash

It finally happened! The Flash guest starred on  and the world got to watch the most adorable team up ever! Is it even possible to look at Grant Gustin or Melissa Benoist and not smile whenever they smile? And these creators agreed to stick BOTH of them in a room. It was too exciting for words. It was so fun to see Winn and Barry Allen geek out together too. They both love and appreciate Kara and her abilities so much, it makes for a fun new trio. At some point Supergirl will have to get back to the more serious over-arching storylines (which it looks like it will be next week), but I just want to live in this light-hearted fun with cool action sequences forever.




Black Sails Lowers The Flag On Season Three

No television series has won my love and admiration in the past year as much as . The show has one foot in history and one in legend as it creates a fictionalized version of Long John Silver’s rise to power pre-Treasure Island. It is nothing short of phenomenal. John Silver (Luke Arnold), Flint (Toby Stephens), Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy), and Billy Bones (Tom Hopper) have been circling one another the entire season as they try to either maintain or steal power from one another. The best part of the show, for me at least, is the relationship between Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny (Toby Schmitz and Clara Paget) who have an unshakable bond and have become the absolute heart of the show. I cannot believe I have to wait another year until the fight over Nassau picks up again.


A Gamechanger Of A Finale On Star Wars Rebels 

I watch a lot television (obviously), and I’ve gotten pretty good at doing so while I’m multitasking. But one show that always gets 100% of my focus is . The writers pack so much story into twenty minutes that it’s impossible to track if your attention is split. Season one was all about Ezra… so I didn’t love it. Season two, however, ramped up the action, brought in a good amount of recognizable characters, and managed to complete a story that was started years ago in the Clone Wars series. The finale was advertised as a “gamechanger,” and that moniker was absolutely earned. If you love the movies and cannot wait until December to get your Star Wars fix, I recommend that you dive right in to Rebels.

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Emily J | Staff Writer

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