“Logan” Co-Writer Scott Frank Reunites with James Mangold for Don Winslow’s “The Force”


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If there’s any doubt where filmmaker James Mangold’s focus might be shifting with so many projects on his plate after his 2017 blockbuster superhero hit Logan, 20th Century Fox hiring that film’s co-writer to do rewrites on Don Winslow’s cop thriller  for Mangold to direct might paint a clearer picture.

Having already co-written both Logan and The Wolverine for Mangold, Fox clearly knows that the duo make a good creative team, and The Force has become a priority for the after buying Winslow’s book for seven figures before it was even published.


After becoming one of the most acclaimed novels of 2017, The Force will be published by Harper Collins in paperback this year.

The Force is being produced by Ridley Scott under his Scott Free banner along with the Story Factory’s Shane Salerno and Kevin Walsh. Steve Asbell is overseeing the project for Fox. The most recent draft of The Force was written by prestigious playwright and filmmaker David Mamet.

Apparently, a number of A-list actors are already being considered to play Sgt. Denny Malone, the corrupt crimefighter that leads the story of a corrupt NYPD detective caught up in the city’s racial tensions, which has been compared favorable to The Departed and Serpico 

Fox and Mangold are also developing a film about the feud between Ford and Ferrari to create the fastest car for the 1966 Le Mans World Championship that has the likes of Matt Damon and Christian Bale circling the leads. Katherine Applegate’s Crenshaw might also be in the mix for Mangold, but that might be on the backburner to see how Disney does with The One and Only Ivan, which is moving into very soon. Of course, Mangold could also make that Logan spin-off starring Wolverine’s young ward X-23, and any number of other projects to which he’s been attached.

Repped by , Frank is a great hire for The Force, because like Mangold, he has experience in the crime genre, having written and directed A Walk Among the Tombstones, starring Liam Neeson. (Mangold wrote and directed the police thriller Cop Land, which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.) Other prestigious screenplays written by Frank include Out of Sight for Steven Soderbergh, Minority Report for Steven Spielberg and the hit adaptation of Marley & Me, the latter two for Fox.

Deadline initially reported on Frank’s hiring on the project.

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