LOVE (SHORT) — Short And Sweet Just Like We Love It!



hails from director/editor and writer . A pretty nifty litte short on its own, but also part of a larger bit of awesomeness called 50 Kisses.

What is that you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you stranger! It’s an interesting london screenwriting/filmmaking competition (of sorts) that’s allowed for anyone in the world to submit a short two minute screenplay, which were then narrowed down to 50 submissions. Then anyone could film it and submit it to the website, all in hopes of being included in the feature length combination of all the shorts. If that didn’t make any sense to you than just go to the website:

Any hoot, their admirable goal is to launch . At the very least it forced some creative people to interpret other creative people’s work, which is always good. It also resulted in the short we’ve included in this post.

The short by Burke & Peel (who most likely don’t know each other) is an excellent use of guerrilla filmmaking and minimalism. It’s all the things (in my humble opinion) a short film should be: simple, engaging and well-edited.

I suggest you watch it. Then head over to the 50 Kisses website (see above, you pesky speedreader), and lose the rest of your damn day on some pretty cool films. Here’s some specific links if you’re too lazy: The Movies and The Screenplays.

To recap. We love the short. We love the concept. We love you. Yes, you.


Love – 50 Kisses from Phil Peel on Vimeo.


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