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LUCIFER is willing to do anything to save Chloe in “A Good Day to Die.” Lucifer has just found out about Chloe being a miracle baby and rushes to see if she was in on the manipulation from the start but finds her bleeding from Professor Carlyle’s designer poison; he injected her when she tackled him.

Chloe doesn’t want anyone else to know and doesn’t want to go to the hospital until she finds a lead on the antidote. They turn to Ella for help. She explains they found evidence of an antidote, but Carlyle destroyed any useful amount. Chloe thinks Burt, the middle man, knows where Carlyle was getting the antidote, he’s out on bail this week.  Lucifer confronts Amenadiel about his part in the miracle baby ploy. Amenadiel tells Lucifer Chloe doesn’t know anything about it and neither does he. He was just following orders from Father. Amenadiel wasn’t in on any planing session and has no idea the end game. He doesn’t think Chloe deserves this kind of treatment.

Chloe and Lucifer find Burt at his welcome-home party, Lucifer terrifies a lead out of him. Burt didn’t bring in any extra antidote, but he knows the guy Carlyle used to traffic the ingredients, an artist named Dave Mattox. Dan and Lucifer follow up on Dave when Chloe passes out and Lucifer takes her to the hospital. It takes some time, Dan gets beat on a little, but Dave hands over a folder with the list of ingredients. However, he does not know the exact formula, Carlyle kept that in his head. Time is short and they can’t waste any with trial and error.

LUCIFER: L-R: Tom Ellis and DB Woodside in the ÒA Good Day to DieÓ winter finale episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Jan. 30 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Courtney/FOX.

Lucifer sends Dan to gather the ingredients while he pulls his team together to flesh out his idea. Lucifer plans to go back to Hell, question Professor Carlyle about his formula and have Doctor Martin revive him in time to save Chloe. No one is sure the plan will work and Charlotte wants no part of it. Amenadiel, Maze, and Martin are all willing if it will save Chloe.

Two things have to happen; Lucifer must stay close enough to Chloe to remain vulnerable enough for one of his friends to kill him. He asks Amenadiel to guard Chloe’s room and make sure they don’t move her until he is resurrected by Doctor Martin. This episode did not have the sense of humor we’ve seen and generally enjoy. However, the drama was offset by more suspense and action than we usually get.

Maze doesn’t want to kill Lucifer when the time comes, so he does it himself. Hell has a series of doors, it’s set up a little like sound stages. Lucifer finds the door to Carlyle’s hell which consists of a street in where Carlyle re-lives his most shameful moment on a loop. He doesn’t get that he’s in hell but Lucifer convinces him that if he does something redeemable, his feelings of guilt may change enough to alter his hell. Carlyle gives Lucifer the formula to save Chloe.

LUCIFER: L-R: Kevin Alejandro, Lauren German and Scarlett Estevez in the ÒA Good Day to DieÓ winter finale episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Jan. 30 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Courtney/FOX.

Earth time and Hell standard are different, Doctor Martin plans on waiting sixty seconds before trying to revive Lucifer. That is much longer than a minute in Hell, Lucifer gets distracted while waiting for his resurrection and walks through a door to his own private hell. It looks like Lux but there is a version of Uriel who taunts Lucifer about killing his brother. Like Carlyle, Lucifer gets stuck in this painful loop, built by his own guilt. This guilt built Hell is interesting but there must be other versions; things like regret Hell or missed opportunities.

When Doctor Martin tries to revive Lucifer, nothing happens. Maze explains someone needs to go and get him, she can’t because she doesn’t have a soul. Charlotte arrives in time and volunteers to go after her son. Maze is happy to kill Charlotte and send her back to Hell. Charlotte finds the room with Uriel and Lucifer and tells Lucifer it wasn’t his fault, but hers. She admits to all of her manipulations and breaks the spell long enough for Lucifer to get shocked back to Earth. This is solid mom duty on her part.

LUCIFER: Tom Ellis in the ÒA Good Day to DieÓ winter finale episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, Jan. 30 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Michael Courtney/FOX.

Meanwhile, Chloe’s situation deteriorates. The medical team decides to transfer her to a room for critical care but Amenadiel fights them off. He knows Chloe’s survival depends on Lucifer’s return. Dan and Ella come through with all the chemicals and Lucifer returns with the formula in time to save Chloe. She’s happy to see him when she wakes up and ready to continue exploring their relationship.

It isn’t so simple for Lucifer. He confronts Charlotte about all her manipulations and doesn’t trust Chloe’s feelings. He blames his father for weaving their paths together. The episode ends with Chloe heading over to Lux after zero response from several voice she left Lucifer. When she arrives, she finds his condo all packed up like he left town. This is a weird place to leave the story for three months, Lucifer is on break until May. Chloe still doesn’t understand Lucifer is the devil.

Season 2, Episode 13 (S02E13)
Lucifer airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox

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