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LUCIFER returns to with his new wife, “Candy Morningstar.” Lucifer is still on track to getting better, funnier, more layered stories to hold our attention while his bigger, family plot plays out. The spring season begins with everyone wondering what’s happened to him since he helped save Chloe from a deadly poisoning. He’s been gone two weeks without a peep. Last we saw, he was upset about discovering Father manipulated Chloe and Lucifer into a relationship. It’s one thing for him to not get a choice, but Chloe, people, are supposed to have free will. It’s part of the deal. Lucifer wants Chloe to choose him, not be driven to him.

When he does arrive, he introduces everyone to a lovely floozy, Candy Morningstar; his new wife. Lucifer says he went off to Vegas, y’know, cause that’s where The Devil loose. He saw Candy exotic dancing at a club and they left town married. Totally possible, I left Vegas married one time too, they are set up for quick business. Candy is an easy target, short bright dress, fit, curvy, blonde; she’s a walking stereotype. We’re supposed to think she’s dumb, but she has a keen eye for observation and she listens well. When Chloe and Dan discuss the victim of the week, it’s Candy that picks out the suspect from the crowd.


This week’s victim is a guitar player, Ash Corrigan, the lead for a band called “Heavy Woolies.” The bass player, Maria, points Chloe and Dan at Ash’s violent ex-wife, Courtney Sax. Courtney agrees to being abusive and she got punished for it in the divorce. Their mediator cleaned her out. She always suspected that Ash had a side deal with the mediator, a lawyer named Anthony Annan, the man Candy spots standing in the crowd in a crime scene photo.

Chloe is hurt by the way Lucifer split without telling anyone and it didn’t help that he returned just as quick with Candy on his arm. She had just decided to take their relationship to the next level. Chloe tells him she can’t trust him any longer and him from her LAPD team. Lucifer is shocked and wants back on the case. He shadows Dan to Annan’s office. Annan refuses to see Dan without a warrant so Lucifer makes an appointment to see Annan for mediation with Mr. and Mrs. Morningstar. He hopes Chloe will see this as an effort to help and she does, but she won’t let Candy take the meeting.


Chloe suits up as Candy Morningstar and uses the mediation session to air her feelings about Lucifer’s disappearance. This was a hilarious bit for Chloe star, Lauren German. She played the Candy stereotype full throttle and it gave Lucifer a chance to hear her side and try to explain his. Still, they were there for a reason, to see if Annan is a legit suspect. He isn’t. Annan has an alibi, plus he wanted the band to hit big. Annan saw himself as the band’s future manager.

Annan is out, but he points them back at Maria, the bass player. He tells them Ash was always fighting with her and planned on cutting her from the “Heavy Woolies”. Chloe hunts Maria down at a club, but can’t find her, she’s a petite suspect. Lucifer takes the stage and sings “Eternal Flame” from Chloe’s play list, but uses it to capture Maria. Points for proper use of the serenade trope. Maria looks guilty as hell and it surprised her to hear she was about to be cut from the band. Ella matches blood on her frets to Ash, but Maria also has an alibi; she was at a party with an underage kid she helped make a fake ID for. The drummer did it! Lucifer goes with Chloe to bring in the drummer, Doug, but he attacks Lucifer when Candy calls his cell. Chloe shoots him. Candy arrives relieved that Lucifer is okay, but worried about him working cases. She tells Chloe how much the work means to Lucifer. He points out, The Devil solving murder cases just makes sense.


Candy is the second mystery of the night. Amenadiel doesn’t quite understand it and Charlotte thinks Lucifer is up to some hinky business. At least until she meets Candy in person. Candy has a way of disarming people who want to hate her and everyone underestimates her, everyone except Lucifer. Candy was an act after all. It’s true Lucifer met her in Vegas and helped her out of some sort of jam. In return, she had to to and play the Candy role for Lucifer’s family. He hoped to manipulate Charlotte into telling Lucifer the truth behind her plans. Charlotte apologizes to Lucifer and tells him he has a sword they can use to fight their way back into the Silver City.

Candy offers Lucifer her huge wedding ring back, but he tells her to keep it or use it to get started someplace else. Candy cautions Lucifer not to screw things up with Chloe as she gets in a car to leave town. Chloe does soften her punishment and tells Lucifer he’s back on the team in the morning. This second season of Lucifer fields its deep bench cast better and more often. They don’t need a case of the week format for every episode, it’s dinosaur planning. Lean on Amenadiel, Maze, Charlotte, and Dan a little more and the fans will follow.

Season 2, Episode 14 (S02E14)
Lucifer airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox

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