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LUCIFER attempts to Parent Trap Charlotte with “God Johnson.”  Lucifer is on the last lap of a great second season. All of the supporting characters have grown and we never get enough time with them. Maze gets good scenes, she flies in like the cavalry from time to time, but we don’t get to see her really dig in. This week we see her burn toast and try to serve Chloe but Chloe wants a break from Maze. She sneaks around the house and hopes they don’t bump into each other. Whatever the plan is for her character, I hope Lucifer moves past this run of making her the goof. It seems more and more common for television shows to treat loyalty-characters with disrespect. In what world is loyalty in abundant supply?

Dan, on the other hand, plays the goof well. Lucifer’s crime stories are basic hangers for the real stories. Once you bring in a specialist, like Ella, Dan’s Detective role becomes superfluous. His relationship with Charlotte combined with his frequent comic interludes serve him, and the pacing well. This week we see him harping around the LAPD offices looking for the deviant who poached his pudding. Of course, Charlotte pops up out of nowhere spooning the stuff in through her perfect mouth. Dan tells Charlotte he’s off of her, which is pretty ungentlemanly, but she accepts it as a fun little challenge. Sorry Dan, I don’t see you winning here.

LUCIFER: Lauren German in the “God Johnson” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, May 15 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

The vic of the week is an orderly at an asylum, Toby Mulligan. Let’s face it, if you’re gonna cross the homicide line, a Toby Mulligan is a good starter. The main suspect is a patient who thinks he’s God, God Johnson, probably because Magic was already taken. There are all kinds of paperwork and waiting period rules standing between Chloe and a God Johnson interview, so Lucifer jumps to the front of the line. If it is God, he’s got a few things to say to dear old dad.

God Johnson surprises Lucifer when he calls him Samael, but he gets kicked out of the room until they deliver the proper request forms. Lucifer, anxious to confront his father can’t wait, so he gets himself committed. Lucifer explains how angry he is with father and he has a long list of grievances, including being cast from heaven, sentenced to run hell, and overall parental absenteeism. God Johnson is sympathetic, he doesn’t remember why he did any of those things.

LUCIFER: Tom Ellis in the “God Johnson” episode of LUCIFER airing Monday, May 15 (9:01-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Cr: Jack Rowand/FOX

Later, Lucifer thinks he sees God Johnson killing another patient down the hall. He rushes to stop him and discovers God Johnson is really healing the woman; someone cut her throat. God Johnson miracles the blood back into her body and the cut disappears, more proof. Lucifer mentions Charlotte in a rant and gets God Johnson’s attention, he misses the Mrs., which gives Lucifer a devious plan. First, he needs to break them out of the Asylum. To accomplish this hilarious task, he needs the help of his new crew, Tourette’s Todd, Pyro Pete, OCD Debbie, and the guy who flings his underwear like lightning bolts. That’s a spinoff, right?

Meanwhile, Chloe sets up a dinner date with handsome Dr. Garrity to get information about suspect number two, Santa Claus Dale. This is a weird move because she probably really likes Garrity. Who wouldn’t? Chloe allows Maze to help prep the date, which she plans for taking place at Chloe’s house, featuring a little red wine and a large pineapple –jalapeno pizza. Then, Amenadiel drops in to see Maze unannounced and the four of them end up on a group date only an asylum director wouldn’t run from.

Chloe asks Maze to give her and the good doctor some privacy. This is where Amenadiel drops the bomb on Maze that the whole family plans to return to Heaven. Maze is shocked, no one has included her in these talks. It’s my suspicion that a creature like Maze can’t even get into Heaven. Chloe tips her hand that she’s fishing for information about Santa Dale right about the time Dr. Garrity gets informed of Lucifer and God’s escape.


This is the Parent Trap sequence. Lucifer lures Charlotte to Lux where he sets a romantic mood for God Johnson to reintroduce himself. He charms the anger right out of Charlotte. Dr. Martin asks Lucifer if his plan is really to get revenge, because it looks like he just wants to see mom and dad together again. Chloe busts in and handcuffs God Johnson just when it looks like they’re going to bury the hatchet for good. Chloe apologizes to Dr. Garrity for the ulterior motive behind the date. Garrity says she could have just asked about Santa Dale. He’s been a patient for fifteen years and has never shown signs of violence. Chloe asks to see the Santa Suit they roll out at the holidays and discovers the fake beard and hat are missing.

Who really did it? Nurse Hightower, who hated her mother more than Lucifer hated his father. Nurse puts on the Santa beard and red hat, drugs Lucifer, and rolls him into a room with God Johnson where she plans to kill them both after they tell her what they told the cops. God Johnson apologizes for being a crappy dad and tells Lucifer how proud of him he is. This is when Chloe rushes in and arrests Nurse Nasty. God Johnson’s belt buckle slides off when they cut him loose, breaking the spell. He isn’t actually God at all, he bought the divine belt buckle at a gift shop on New Mexico, that’s the last thing he remembers.

Lucifer discovers the buckle is actually a missing part to the flaming sword. It slides over the blade and they need it to fire up the blade proper. He wants revenge on his father now more than ever after realizing he’ll never hear him say the things God Johnson said to him. Next week, we’ve got to see what’s going on with Charlotte’s weird decomp.

Season 2, Episode 16 (S02E16)
Lucifer airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox

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