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takes “Player” lessons from a master of manipulation and “Manly Whatnots”. This post Valentine’s Day episode is cloaked in romantic rejection. Amenadiel, desperate to send Lucifer back to hell, appeals to Maze for help. He wants to know Lucifer’s weakness and apply pressure but she won’t cooperate. I’m not familiar with the comics so I can’t wait to see this play out over the course of the season. Meanwhile, Lucifer continues to throw himself against Chloe’s icy shell.

There’s a new missing girl in town.

A young hopeful, Lindsey Jolson, disappears after moving to with her brother. She was last seen with Carver Cruz, the founder of a famous Players Club. He’s throwing a big get together with an exclusive attendee list. She can’t get in, but Lucifer is already on the list, and he’s looking to for anything that might loosen her grip on her pants. The fallen one is nothing if not direct. If this isn’t one of his rules, it’s certainly his preference.

He agrees to take her as his plus one if it brings her closer to his bed. Not likely, she promises she’ll never have sex with him. Lindsey’s brother shows up, he makes a scene looking for Carver Cruz. Security has to deal with him. Brother implicates Carver, he says the Player’s Club founder must have murdered his sister; she doesn’t know anyone in town and she wouldn’t just disappear.

Lucifer takes Chloe to one of Carver’s Player confidence sessions. Lucifer, like the other attendees, has a sexual target in mind. She sits right next to him while he listens to his list of rules for bagging Betties. Carver gets spooked when he finds out Chloe is a cop. He asks security to remove her and couldn’t be more suspicious looking. The man is brimming with secrets.


Chloe considers Lucifer’s immortality.

Chloe questions everything she knows about Lucifer, there’s too much she cannot explain about the things she sees him do. Lucifer arranges Carver Cruz’s after party at Lux. Chloe arrives to pick him up and he presents his naked body to her. She sees the scars on his back where Maze cut off his wings. He has a weird, jumpy reaction when she tries to touch them. Later she sees his reflection, the weird face, and glowing eyes. She wonders if he is capable, as Lucifer, of feeling pain at all. This is a strange character trait. It isn’t that she doesn’t believe in God or the devil, it’s that she doesn’t fear the unknown and inexplicable. She has no problem letting this enigma around her daughter. She isn’t without fear, she fears her past ruining her future, but that’s more of a known.

Chloe mines Carver’s guests for information. Carver freaks out and pulls a gun on Lucifer when he spots him. Chloe disarms him. Carver is frantic because he thinks the cops are going to get Lindsey killed. She was kidnapped and he would do anything to get her back. The top player is in love with a woman. The new sensation has him all twisted.

Lucifer jumps at the opportunity to impress Chloe contacts with the kidnappers to arrange a swap, Lindsey for a bag of cash. No cops. True to legend, he is an extraordinary dealmaker. Lucifer and Chloe drive to the exchange. A few minutes before the designated time, Carver arrives. Lucifer heads in, but locks Chloe out, he made a “no cops” deal and must stand by his promise. Chloe has SWAT on speed dial and pushes the button.

The kidnapper wants the money, but refuses to return Lindsey. Carver pulls a gun on the masked man, he won’t leave without her. Lindsey sneaks out of the shadows and shoots him in the leg. Lucifer thinks Carver must have scorned her, but it’s much worse. Lindsey is getting revenge. Two years earlier, Carver manipulated the virginity out of her and didn’t remember her name. She meant nothing to him, but it meant everything her. He promises he has changed and loves her now, they’ve been seeing each other for three and a half months. Her brother, the kidnapper, tells her she needs to shoot them both, but Lucifer scares her into the fetal position.

Chloe arrives in time to stop Lucifer. He feels like she’s coming around and convinces her to shoot him to test his immortality. She shoots him in the leg. He feels the hit, and bleeds which shocks the hell out of him. She feels terrible about shooting him, like she took advantage of a delusional man. Lucifer reshapes the truth for her boss to keep her out of trouble.

Maze is more concerned than ever about Lucifer when he returns to Lux, limping and bleeding. It’s not possible for him to bleed. She asks if he’s keeping a secret from her, but he doesn’t really know what is happening to him, nor does it bother him much.


Chloe never gets credit for her arrests.

Okay, the show isn’t called, Chloe the cop and this isn’t a traditional cop show so that makes sense. Why waste time with her police business? On the other hand, that leaves Lucifer with most of the juice. Chloe has a fantastic scene with Trixie where Trixie accuses her of shooting Lucifer because she secretly likes him. She’s so cute and it’s solid kid logic.


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