LUCIFER Review: “Sympathy for the Goddess”


LUCIFER discovers the key to lighting the flaming sword in “Sympathy for the Goddess.” We still don’t know why Charlotte really needs the sword, but I don’t think it’s for the same reason Lucifer thinks she wants it. Charlotte uses her client connections to hire Zeke, a criminal import/export expert, to find the final piece to the flaming sword. Zeke contacts Charlotte for exchange and . She slides him a briefcase of money but someone murders Zeke in the doorway to his artifacts vault before he hands over the item she’s looking for.

Charlotte manipulates Chloe into investigating the murder and stays close to “help” with client issues. Zeke Moore worked for another, more powerful client, Bianca Ruiz. Bianca traffics everything from drugs to young women. When they bring in the full crime-scene team, Ella finds the suspect’s phone under one of the shelves. The phone belongs to Chet Ruiz, Bianca’s goof son. LAPD has a thick file on Bianca, they’ve been after her for years, but nothing on Chet. Charlotte explains that Bianca has tried to keep Chet clear of any criminal family business.


Chet has his own vanity recording label where he produces his own terrible tunes. Chet is another mirror character for Lucifer, he has stacks of issues with his mother. Like Lucifer, Chet thinks his parent sees him as weak, untrustworthy, and unloved. Chet’s shallow toolbox doesn’t offer many options, he tries to show his mother he’s worthy of family responsibilities. Chet investigates Zeke’s business and decides he’s running side jobs. Chet killed Zeke without his mother’s knowledge.

Bianca doesn’t discover Chet’s involvement until Chloe and Charlotte go undercover at a Ruiz company party. These undercover bits are gaining momentum as part of Lucifer’s enduring charm. Someone always square pegs, this week it’s Chloe. When Bianca confronts Chloe about not-belonging at the party, Chloe acts like a Chet groupie. Chet loves the attention and affection for his rhymes but Bianca doesn’t believe anybody really like his music. It’s fun and sad at the same time.

Amenadiel has his own case of the Jan Brady’s. Lucifer was dad’s favorite and Charlotte showers him with attention. Detective Dan takes Amenadiel out for some improv therapy. He explains how it helped him get through his year of darkness. These two always make for good scenes and I’d love to see them partner up more in the future. The second season built them into strong story assets.


Maze is going through her own emotional gauntlet. She gives, and receives from Lucifer, a massive beat down about his plans to abandon her for The Silver City. He confesses he’ll never leave her for The Silver City, that wasn’t his plan, but he did use her to sell his intent. That download doesn’t work either. They sit down with Dr. Martin for insight, but she’s been suspended by an ethics board for helping Lucifer break out of the asylum. Lucifer is insensitive, but not blind. He knows and acknowledges he hurt Maze’s feelers.

Maze and Lucifer confront the official responsible for Dr. Martin’s case to persuade him how important she is to her patients, but Lucifer tries too hard and mentions they’ve slept together which is a huge violation. Lucifer tried but makes matters worse. Maze returns to the man’s office to convince him one on one but we have to wait to see if she succeeded.

Chet tells Bianca how he took care of Zeke for her and she explains Zeke always gave her a third cut of his business. He was working for her all along.  Bianca reaches out to Charlotte to trade the artifact Zeke acquired for the LAPD’s evidence against Chet, his phone. Charlotte sneaks into Ella’s lab to snatch Chet’s phone, but Chloe discovers her and they make a deal to sting Bianca.

Charlotte meets Bianca at her office to trade the phone for the artifact. Chloe catches most of the incriminating information on Charlotte’s hidden wire, but Charlotte shorts the wire when it comes time to get her prize, which turns out to be a safe deposit box key. Chloe and the police swoop in and arrest Bianca. She vows to make Charlotte pay for her treachery.


The key leads Charlotte to a book written in ancient Sumerian. Amenadiel can translate it, but it will take a few days. Again, Charlotte is anxious, that’s not fast enough for her. The boys know something is wrong, but still don’t know what. Charlotte returns to her office where she is surprised to see Chet. He stabs her for turning in his mother. When she pulls out the knife, light streams from the wound and burns Chet to a crisp. Charlotte’s suffering, but not from the knife wound.

Amenadiel translates part of the book concerning the flaming sword. It works when assembled by three pieces; the blade of death, the medallion of life, and the key that binds them together. The book says God entrusted the key to his favorite son. Naturally, Amenadiel assumes Lucifer has had the key all along; he was always father’s favorite. However, when Amenadiel picks up the blade and the medallion, it’s a nail-like piece of metal he wears around his neck that reacts to the other pieces. He was father’s favorite after all.

Lucifer has a couple episodes left to wrap season two and it feels like Charlotte’s fate is the last twist pending. I always assumed Ella had a bigger part to play, some hidden mission, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Next week, we discover what this sword is capable of when fully assembled, and Amenadiel’s self-esteem should make a rapid recovery.

Season 2, Episode 17 (S02E17)
Lucifer airs Mondays at 9PM on Fox

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