LUCIFER Review: “The Good, The Bad, and The Crispy”


LUCIFER fills the second season finale with suspense when his team hunts “The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy.” This season built on the momentum of the first largely by exploring the characters we already knew, but also by adding a few key figures from Lucifer’s family.  Tricia Helfer brought Lucifer’s mother to life in Charlotte Richards and quickly made an enduring impact on the show. Charlotte and her schemes drove most of the second season plot and tonight’s finale put her story to rest.

We’ve seen her divinity erode Charlotte’s human form for weeks. Last week when Chet Ruiz stabbed her, the light that leaked from her wound burnt him to a crisp. Charlotte staples her wound shut and calls the cleaner she keeps on speed dial to handle the body while she goes to Dr. Martin’s for medical help.

Dr. Martin explains this isn’t her usual business but she also knows they can’t just roll into the closest minute clinic with a divine being. When she first sees the wound, she asks Charlotte if Lucifer did it. When Charlotte asks why she would assume such a thing, Dr. Martin throws a lame deception, not her strong suit. Dr. Martin suggests duct tape for the wound and it works well enough . Lucifer stops by and Dr. Martin brings him in to discuss Charlotte’s secret situation. She’s more critical than he imagined.


Meanwhile, Amenadiel refuses to give Lucifer the key to the flaming sword now that he believes their father really did trust him to protect it, as his favorite. He feels good for the first time in months and seeks the counsel of a trusted friend. This is one of those surprisingly funny Detective Dan and Amenadiel scene team-ups. Dan runs an improve class but Amenadiel doesn’t quite understand the objective, when his scene partner asks him about the pork chop, Amenadiel answers with all his divine family drama. I look forward to season three building on the Dan-Amenadiel duo, it’s good for laugh every time.

Maze finds Amenadiel at the improve stage, Lucifer put a bounty on him to bring him back to help Charlotte. Amenadiel starts to explain what he’s learned about himself and his place in the family but Maze tazes him and drags him back to Lux. I’d like to see Lucifer use Maze more as a bounty hunter too. They started her bounty hunting early in the season but didn’t use it nearly enough.

Lucifer explains why he really wants, and Charlotte needs, the flaming sword, but Amenadiel doesn’t have the key piece on him. Maze confirms because she already conducted a cavity search. Charlotte and the boys are up against two deadlines. We know a little about the divine deadline but she’s also up against Chloe’s latest investigation. She gets called to the scene of crispy Chet Ruiz. Hector, Chet’s Mexico based brother, flies to town and is shocked to hear Chet’s been murdered. He can’t think of anyone that would do such a thing.


Chloe and Ella sleuth out security footage of the crime scene and track down a van that was spotted the night before the body was discovered. The van belongs to Kathleen and Ava Lyon of Dandy Lyons Crime Scene Cleaners. They are completely legit. Ava doesn’t know anything about the van being near the crime scene, but Kathleen admits she drove it to her loser boyfriend’s apartment the night of the crime. They seem innocent enough, but Ella doesn’t buy their story. Chloe returns to question them and finds Eva burnt crispy like Chet.

Now Kathleen comes clean about her involvement. Her loser boyfriend owed on a huge gambling debt and someone offered her $100K over the phone for the Chet Ruiz clean-up . She thinks they might have killed Ava as a message to keep quiet. Chloe puts the puzzle together and tracks the players to Charlotte Richards. Charlotte is desperate and agrees to meet with Chloe at the Santa Monica Pier. Charlotte threatens Lucifer to show up with the sword or Chloe and many other innocents will suffer.

Maze finds Dr. Martin tortured and dying in her office. Charlotte nearly killed her to find out what Lucifer was really planning on doing with the sword. She expected his help in overthrowing God, but he planned on locking her in to heaven to force her to deal with their divine dysfunctional relationship. Dr. Martin is slipping fast, there isn’t enough time to drive her to a hospital. However, Amenadiel arrives and has faith he can help.


Lucifer faces Charlotte at the pier with all three pieces of the sword to exchange for Chloe’s life, but the real killer of Ava Lyon is also there. Hector Ruiz plans on shooting Charlotte to avenge Chet and his mother. If he does that, everyone at the pier will die. Lucifer tries to talk him out of it, but Hector fires the gun as Dan flanks him. Everything slows down, a sign that Amenadiel has his full power back and can manipulate time. This helps Maze get Dr. Martin to the emergency room and it gives Lucifer time to face Charlotte.

Lucifer lights up the sword and threatens to destroy Charlotte if she can’t accept a resolution; he has no intention of destroying The Silver City and she has no intention of returning to hell. He uses the flaming sword to cut open a dimension from our world. A great big nothing in need of light where Charlotte can go and start over. This is an outcome she can accept; her divine light departs to the new nothing and Lucifer throws in two of the three flaming sword pieces for safe keeping. Mother of creation is gone, but the real Charlotte Richards returns. Dan jumps in when real time returns and he sees Charlotte laying in the sand. She doesn’t remember or recognize him.

Later, Lucifer decides to reveal his true self to Chloe, but someone knocks him out. When he wakes, he has a severe peeling sunburn and he finds himself alone in the middle of the desert with his wings back. We don’t see who did this to Lucifer, but I hope it’s Ella. I think she’s been hiding a secret this whole season. We’ll have to wait for fall to see how everything turns out.

Season 2, Episode 18 (S02E18)
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