M. Night Shyamalan’s “Tales From the Crypt” Reboot to Headline Horror Block on TNT (Video)


Horror has always been underrepresented on television, so for to dedicate an entire night of the week to the genre is an interesting experiment.  To succeed in a venture like this, there needs to be a program that anchors the whole evening, which is what this reboot of  is expected to be.

The original Tales From The Crypt aired on HBO from 1989-1996 and was considered ahead of the curve in terms of its use of violence, sexual content, and profanity. will not be able to have as much leeway in his basic cable recreation of the series, but that shouldn’t be a problem for someone with his level of creativity.

A whole night of horror programming may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the reboot of a popular series will always grab people’s attention. So while it may be hard to predict whether or not the Horror Block as a whole will be a successful venture for , it seems safe to say people will tune in for Tales From The Crypt.  The remake will probably be put at the front of the Horror Block as a way to lure people to stay for everything to come thereafter.

Matt Hornick | Editorial Intern

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