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Totally creeped out. That’s the only way I can describe my feelings after watching this episode. I didn’t think could get this dark, but it can. The show deviates from its typical storylines about catching ‘regular’ bad guys and takes it up a notch to catching a legendary serial killer, the Zodiac Killer. The episode starts off with a young couple who are brutally gunned down in the park and the female victim just so happens to be Matty’s goddaughter. Normally, the team wouldn’t take on a case like this but this time, it’s personal.


The team travels to San Francisco, home of the original murders, with Matty to track down the original Zodiac killer or the new copycat Zodiac killer.  They find the killer’s surveillance hideout across the street from Matty’s goddaughter’s house. They also find all the clues that point to the original Zodiac killer. Evan the homeless squatter in the building claims he’s seen ‘the smoking man’ and describes the original Zodiac killer to a tee. For a moment, I thought the homeless guy was the killer and it would make sense that he gave such an accurate description of the killer. But my suspicion was put to rest when the police took the homeless guy in for questioning.

Mac and Jack find enough evidence to locate the house of the of the suspected killer or at least the place where he gets his ebay orders delivered and they stake it out, only to find the killer has been watching them. When they search the house Jack has a MacGyver moment and decides to check the house for a secret room which they find. They also find a laptop and surveillance evidence that indicates that they might be dealing with the original killer.


While Riley is trying to decipher the killer’s code found on his laptop, she’s captured by the killer. The team has to find the killer and Riley before it’s too late. Luckily, Bozer’s creep skills and knowledge of serial killers allows the team to break into Riley’s computer and track her down. They killer is captured and in Scooby Doo fashion the killer is unmasked to reveal the homeless guy from the beginning. Well played MacGyver , well played.

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This episode was great because not only did it have a solid storyline it also showed a different side of the characters, well, maybe just Matty. Her acting still makes me cringe but maybe drama is more her forte. For the first time we get to see her softer side as she mourns the death of her goddaughter and praises the team. She even thanks MacGyver and his unconventional methods she’s always complaining about. Speaking of which, my favorite MacGyver moment from this episode was when he made the makeshift harness to jump out the window and stop the homeless guy from getting away.

I’m also noticing a pattern of Bozer saving the day. If it wasn’t for his knowledge of serial killers and watching Riley log into her computer, they might not have found her. I think the real life unsolved mystery incorporated in the show is what creeped me out the most, that and the Zodiac Killer’s costume. This episode showed the versatility of the show and that they are capable of telling more dramatic stories and still keeping the campy tone the show is known form.

Season 1, Episode 15 (S01E15)
MacGyver airs Fridays at 8PM on CBS

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