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In the 9th installment of we pick up where we left off as Chris and Dan are still at odds with each other and Deborah is toiling away with her ice cream shop. Dan realizing all the mistakes he’s made in the 24 hours tries to right his wrongs and Deborah uses her tracking skills to track Samuel Adams and John Hancock. While, Chris attempts to pick up the pieces of his and life. As the finale to this season it was nothing short of bland as it lacked the humor and excitement this episode so desperately needed to succeed.

The episode begins with Dan wanting to help Chris get his back. Dan shows Dr. Cobell an artifact that he “found in his backyard” to hopefully woe him into giving Chris his back. When he isn’t the least bit concerned he spills his big secret about time . Dr.Cobell at first doubts that time is even impossible but that quickly changes when he thinks of an exact day he would like to back in time for. As soon they’re both in the time duffle bag he has a heart attack and the plan to go back to the past is squashed. Dan being the ultimate fixer that he is uses the time duffle to continuously go back in time to stop Dr. Cobell from getting in the duffle with him to to the past. Unfortunately, for Dan this does nothing to stop Dr. Cobell’s death and even takes his own life proclaiming that it’s meant to happen.

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Meanwhile, Deborah is on the hunt for Samuel Adams and John Hancock. She finds Samuel on the brink of the death, homeless, and hungry outside of a government building. I laughed at the irony of this entire situation when I saw him begging for food. At first he berates her for walking around without a man but quickly changes his tune when she offers to take him to lunch. When they get to the restuarant Samuel gives her the download on what landed him on the streets. The conversation quickly changes when he becomes interested at how Deborah is eating her food as he throws mounds of noodles into his mouth. He attempts to follow her but dumps his drink on his head when he realizes he doesn’t have a straw. Samuel Adams seems more like a caveman and less like a man from colonial times. I’m sure this was suppose to be humorous but it just felt flat and predictable.

Chris finally gets his eyesight back and in a romantic gesture with his nurse he tries to kiss her but she shuts him down. For some reason I didn’t see this moment coming and it was surprisingly funny.  John Hancock has found his ‘American Dream’ by using his Harvard education to his advantage. He’s become an idealistic, money hungry, modern American to Deborah and Chris’s disgust. Deborah pleads with him to help Samuel Adams and the duo breaks into tears. Deborah calls Dan with the good news that Samuel Adams and John Hancock have agreed to go back to 1775 as the various bodies of Dr.Cobell fill the seats of Dan’s car.

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Before they leave Deborah teaches them about feelings and they decide to apologize to Chris for their wrongdoings. Chris accepts the apology and Deborah wants to celebrate with ice cream. Chris goes to the freezer to find Dan with Dr.Cobell’s bodies. As the group tries to think of how to dispose the bodies, Deborah comes up with the idea to bury the bodies in the past. Chris and Dan venture to the past to bury the bodies. Chris reads a eulogy about the impact of Dr.Cobell’s mentorship on his life and pauses to reflect. Dan takes this moment to make a fast food reference that hurts their friendship even more.

Furthermore, as the last episode in the first season of Making History I thought this episode was just ok. The entire season was so up and down it’s clear there was a lot of struggle in really figuring out this show. This episode was presented as a season finale but it felt much like a series finale in that last few minutes of the episode felt like a final goodbye since there really isn’t anything that was left open to get me to tune in if there’s a next season. The problems never stopped for this show and unfortunately, the idea for the series was much better than the actual execution of the show. I wasn’t left wanting to watch more or even excited to watch another season of this show.

What did you think of the finale? Do you think Making History will get renewed?


Season 1, Episode 9 (S01E09)
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