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begins in new direction since the last episode and seemed more like an ending for the series and not a second episode.  Luckily, we pick up with a cheery Daniel and Deborah having a picnic outside as an airplane flies across, freaking Deborah out.  Deborah, predictably, freaks out and believes it to be the end of days. He then trains Deborah on race relations and what to not say to people of color in 2017. He even provides an example “when you see asian people don’t say anything” that seemed to go over both their heads and mine. Like most of the jokes in this episode this also proved to be a stretch. Chris soon finds out he is under consideration for tenure. While it quickly becomes apparent that Daniel has been lying to Deborah about his inventions, songwriting skills, he even pitched Fast & The Furious.  It’s apparent he’s basically created every significant in pop culture often taking the credit for someone else’s creations throughout the episode.They continue to dive into the notion that he’s created everything that’s great in America. Pun intended. Unable to come to terms with his lies he takes Deborah home. Not missing a beat, she enjoys smaller things in life like putting your head out the window while the car is driving. We get it, she’s outside her home and obviously surprised with everything in the 20th century.  I hoped her interest in modern day inventions would continue to flourish throughout the episode but instead delivered many bland one note moments with little to no payoff.

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Daniel unsure of what to do next, interrupts Chris’s class for advice on how to cover up his lies to Deborah. Chris being the level headed stickman, offerers sage advice, that inevitably both result in her leaving him for good. Which is very hard to believe since she’s literally traveled through time to be with Daniel, thus ruining her relationship with her father and the townspeople in the past. Chris returns home to Deborah, a colonial homemaker, whose created a meal out of possum and a chair out of trees from the backyard. Deborah wishing she had fresh churned butter to complete her meal, ventures to return to the colonial times to complete her meal. They of course jump back in 2.5 secs with churned butter and Deborah asks to finally go out and declares she’s been waiting her entire life for that moment.  Chris being lovable modern day boyfriend gives her a modern day makeover smokey eyes included. The trio meets up at a bar during history trivia night where Deborah soon finds out her boyfriend has been lying to her about his inventions. This propels Deborah and Daniel down into predictable relationship territory. In the end they get past their first relationship bump and continue on to their next adventure; dating in 2017.

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Overall, I think this episode was desperately needed and should’ve come sooner as it does a lot of the heavy character development for not only Dan and Chris but Deborah. She finally breaks through her bright-eyed smile and we get a glimpse of who she really is, character flaws and all. Her delivery and comedic timing help carry the show and provide a touch of humor while presenting a very different type of female lead we’ve seen in most comedies. Compared to the previous episodes the third installment lack the jokes it so desperately needed and is filled with missed opportunities to give us a clear idea of what to expect in future episodes. Unfortunately, this episode is another example in a series struggling to find it’s footing while telling clear stories and developing characters that are worth tuning in for. I hope next week’s episode loses the Revolutionary War thread and hopefully venture into other parts of history.


Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
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