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In this week’s episode of , we’re immediately greeted by the trio, John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Melanie Barzoon (Deborah’s friend). In a twist of fate it turns out Samuel and John have a crush on Melanie. Hilarious! They both demand she takes interest in them and an argument ensues between them resulting in a duel.  As they take hilarious colonial jabs at each other a colonial duel is in our future. Chris takes this opportunity to use the dual to his advantage claiming that it will help him get his back since he’ll have knowledge that no one else will have. This isn’t just any colonial duel, it’s a 21st century dual using 21st century guns!

Dan brings in Mona, a journalist, to interview Deborah about her ice cream shop. Mona loves the ice cream but continues to pry deeper into their relationship. Her questions clearly catch everyone off guard and quickly go south.  Why is she so concerned about their relationship than the ice cream? I have no idea. Mona ends the interview quickly but not before offering to help Deborah if she ever needs it. Deborah is overjoyed when she receives her business card aka a tiny piece of paper with numbers on it.

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Dan downloads with Chris and he points out the obvious troubles coming his way with telling a reporter all of your business. Chris advises him to kill the story so they planned to invite her back to the ice cream shop with the intention that they have more information for their story.  Before she leaves she ask about John Hancock and Samuel Adams who purchased the ice cream shop with cash. I personally always wondered how long you could keep John and Sam in the future without someone really noticing. I was also never on board with the idea that John and Sam should purchase the ice cream shop because of “the obvious details” but I guess I was the only one.

Dan has a bit of car accident when he ruins Chris’s car and the dual moves forward. As Melanie and Deborah watch from afar the Samuel and John pick their weapons. Chris asks, “Any last words gentlemen ?” to which John Hancock replies, “I did it all for the nookie!” Best line this season by far! As they walk to their standing points to duel, they both turn around and shoot. Dan and Chris are shot! Lucky for us they were shot with only paintball guns. Samuel and John reveal that they forgave each other already and only did it to teach them that love conquers all. It’s nice to know that John and Samuel have a sweet side to them even though I never really felt like the dual was actually going to happen.

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As Chris is wheeled away in an ambulance for his paintball guns Melanie asks Samuel Adams to a drink and John congratulates him on finding true love. This quickly turns sour when Melanie brings him home because he’s way too emotional and weird for her. Oh the irony! Dan wants to take them back to the past but they run away instead. Honestly, if someone was to ask me if I wanted to go to the past I would run away too. Deborah goes to Chris’s house to make things right but he’s done with their friendship and time traveling.

The most interesting moments happen in the last minute when it turns out the Mona is really investigating the entire group. As her accolades for achievement line the walls we see the pictures of the time travelers and it really looks like she’s on to something. I wondered why she was asking such deep questions and it looks like there was a lot more going on behind the scenes. I’m glad we have more than enough intrigue to watch the next episode but worry that this could mean the end is near for the time traveling duo.
Do you think she’ll find out what’s going on? What do you think will happen to John and Samuel?


Season 1, Episode  (S01E08)
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