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In the sixth episode of we pick where we left off with the trio and Al Capone! They’re all betting on the world series and the red win making them all rich! So now they can finally go back to the future? Nope! The trio is still stuck with Al Capone and all of his antics. In fact, their not the only ones growing tired of Al his wife is also getting even more sick of him by the minute. Deb tries to come to her rescue when she tells her about the promise of the future where women are treated better and can vote. Meanwhile, Chris complains about his steak and Al Capone offs the waiter. Al Capone and Dan go on a friendly stroll through the back alley and Al voices his concern that he maybe losing a friend once he gives Dan the money. They hilariously find common ground when they complain about Chris’s negativity and judgement for Al killing the waiter. Al hands Dan the wrong bag but claims it’s the right one.It’s clear Al Capone has stolen their bag but I’m not quite sure his reasoning for stealing it. Friendship? Maybe. Dan and Chris come up with two different plans to get their time bag back in their hands. Chris wants to rat him out to the IRS and Dan wants to steal from right under his nose. History shows us that Chris’s plan would actually work but remember this is Making History and the guys love to remake history to fit their obstacles.

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Dan and Deborah meet with Al Capone at the local Florist when he’s attempting to collect money. Dan tries to talk him out of killing the florist while Deborah coaches him on being more romantic by bringing some flowers to his overworked and  underappreciated wife, Mae. When Mae gets a bit jealous of the noise upstairs (she assumes they’re doing something fun but really Dan and Deborah are snooping) Al gives her flowers and in return she gives him “kissies.” When Al comes back downstairs to the volt he decides he wants to give Dan a leadership role in his gang but first Dan must show some form of loyalty. What could this be? Al wants Dan to murder Chris in front of him to prove his loyalty. The duo thinks this is actually good for the plan while Chris is obviously upset with this idea since the IRS takedown may take weeks. Chris finds out he’s missing even more days at work due to his absence and may lose his chance at tenure changes his opinion quickly and decides to join in on Dan’s plan.

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Dan stands with Al as he’s supposed to kill Chris. He mistakenly does nothing and fakes him out but Al was counting on him to do that from the beginning so their plan fails and they both end up as prisoners in the volt. Chris makes a Batman like escape with the time bag to the future to get a weapon and returns in the knick of time to hit Al before he kills Dan. Mae hears Chris and decides to go upstairs to find out what the commotion is but Deborah stops her. They both look at each other and start throwing punches. I loved this because I never saw it coming since it’s a bit out of character for Deborah. To be fair the punches are really cutesy and timid. Deborah is actually loving this and says, “look at us fighting like men” to which Mae replies “better than men” as they continue to punch each other. Mae knocks Deborah to the floor and finds the duo towering over Al Capone but is soon confronted by a gun wielding Deborah. When Chris tells her to do the thing she responds with a round of gunfire screaming “Say hello to my little friend” as Al and Mae duck for survival the trio escapes with the money in their time bag. Daniel is excited that they can now buy the ice cream parlor and Deborah is excited because they saved Al and Mae’s marriage! It’s a win win for everyone!

The thrills and hijinks in the episode provided a much needed breath of fresh air in a series that was becoming very boring. I think the writers have finally found what works with this episode by effortlessly combining pop culture references, historical moments, and historical blunders mixed with a strong trio of characters really made “The Godfriender” shine. Although, I do think the endings typically fall a bit flat but this episode does give hope for the future. I do however enjoy how they envision historical figures in a comedic setting. I didn’t expect to like Al Capone as much as I did but they we’re able to take a character and time period that has been overdone and create a character that was funny and really did the show justice.
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Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
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