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Following last week’s episode, which saw Daniel and Deborah traveling to present-day Boston only to realize that
Chris is set to die in the very next day, the pair must return to the past to start the American Revolutionary War at the the
Battle of Lexington. In an effort to save Chris, Daniel and Deborah get back into their time traveling duffel and return to 1775. Deborah, who has only been in the future, for 2 seconds is obsessed with the possibility of freedom and fascinated by a wrapper for a York Peppermint Patty.
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Meanwhile, Chris announces to a crowd of colonists that the British have killed Paul Revere’s daughter and are
planning to steal all their guns. Finding truth in what became a long winded debate, Americans could indeed freak
out about their guns which later proves enough to start the revolution. The Americans are “sick of all the British stuff” and at first don’t take Chris seriously because he’s not wearing a wig so his words don’t feel important. Chris makes a quick change and incites the colonist to act. The big plan, colonist defend their guns as the British are coming to take them. Daniel and Chris present themselves as spies and tell the British the colonist have amassed a lot of guns. This at first doesn’t alarm the British as they quickly decide they don’t want to take the guns but must because the colonist now have too many. The British begin to wonder why they don’t speak the King’s English, and he quickly counters that he’s been undercover for so long he’s lost his accent. Luckily, Davy, a British soldier stands up for them believing Chris’s every word. Deborah, is next seen on a horse yelling the British are coming through the colonist villages. A wonderful friendship has begun between Davy and Chris as they bond over high fives and giggles.
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The Battle of Lexington, the moment America was born, has yet to begin. They first have a long winded shouting match across the battlefield about gun ownership. While Chris and Daniel fight over who gets to fire the shot to start the revolution, they accidentally fire a shot and so it begins! At first it appears that the British are winning. Daniel runs across the field to the colonist prompting a retreat as the British standby confused and unaware. The colonist side with Daniel and retreat. Chris tells the British to stand in the barn to guard the guns. Dan and Chris blow up and the barn and kill the British. Chris is noticeably upset as he accidentally kills his friend Davy, who was supposed to stand outside so he wouldn’t die.

The colonist excited about their win return to the battlefield. Deborah steps up and tells them she lead them to win the battle and the colonists turn against her. Paul Revere, her father, steps forward to claim his win but Deborah won’t take this and declares herself a free woman. Daniel congratulates Deborah and once more proclaims herself to be a free woman, who wants to get back to the future, to live out her freedom with Daniel. The trio returns to present day and meet a Patriot fan who gets angry when they ask what he thinks of the British and take that as a sign that everything is back to normal. Believing that everything has worked out, the trio splits up, as Chris goes on his way, while Daniel and Deborah go eat pizza.

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“The Shot Heard Around the World” ends like the series is over and not on a cliffhanger like the pilot – which may leave others wondering what’s the point of tuning in next week. Unfortunately, the pilot set up an exciting season
ahead, but quickly unraveled in this episode within the first few minutes. The entire episode attempts to target the
gun debate but completely fails with the lack of nostalgic pop reference jokes that made the first episode bearable
and noticeably struggling to find the fun and funny in the American Revolution. I was left hoping for a happy balance
of historical references mixed with a bit of pop culture humor and was sorely disappointed.

TB-TV-Grade-BSeason 1, Episode 2 (S01E02)
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