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finally gives us the episodes we’ve been craving for as they hit their stride and another home run for the series. In this episode Deborah wants to buy an ice cream parlor, but needs $300,000 which is a lot of money especially for a girl from the past. In order for her to get the money, they decide to bet on the world of baseball, Dan and Chris to Chicago in 1919 to bet on the 1919 World Series, which was fixed. Identifying themselves as known New York gangsters (including Dan as Bugsy Siegel), they claimed to be associates of Al Capone. Word gets back to Capone and decides to confront them at a speakeasy. After some tireless convincing, he agrees to let them accompany him on a heist, but realizes they aren’t who they say they are when Deborah doesn’t know how to drive the getaway car. When the trio goes to his home, he threatens to kill them both while Deborah talks with Capone’s wife Mae in the kitchen. The time machine bag is locked in Capone’s vault.

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Technically, “The Touchables” succeeds, in that we finally get the full scope of what it means to back in time as we learn more about them then before. Chris who previously wanted  tenure as a professor brings up this goal in the beginning but puts it aside to help his friends. It seems like Dan is just going along for the ride while of course getting the trip into even more trouble with irrational decisions and a plan that is sure to get them all killed however they not only get out of trouble but do so in a hilarious way.We finally get a bit more character as we learn what really makes Deborah want to do more. She really shines in this episode as she clearly has opinions and goals that to her are worth fighting for and Dan being her partner believes in her dreams and works to help her achieve them. It seems like we finally have a clearer understanding of who each character is, their goals, and a better idea of how each of them will work toward achieving them.

Overall, it seems like the trio is really getting the hang of time- and enjoying themselves in the past. The episode’s proves to show the funny aspects of history and gives all what we’ve been thinking we would see since the pilot, however I’m not sure how many have stayed on this rollercoaster to get to this destination but to those that have you’ll find that this episode and it’s predecessor were actually worth it. I think as the season progresses the trio will not only develop better on screen chemistry, especially Dan and Deborah, but each episode will hopefully get better. As the show progresses I hope they continue to have the characters make interesting decisions that are not only funny but make sense. I often found  with the previous episodes being either hit or miss on jokes, dialogue, pop culture references and plot points but believe with this episode and the last one Making History has found it’s stride.


Season 1, Episode 5 (S01E05)
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