{Exclusive} Mark Lamprell’s “The Lovers’ Guide To Rome” Sizzles On Rights Market



〉Noted romcom writer Mark Lamprell’s second novel sizzles on rights market.

The Full Ridiculous author Mark Lamprell’s THE LOVERS’ GUIDE TO ROME may not hit bookstores until April, but the ensemble romance is setting fire to the rights market.

The novel follows three couples and their adventures with love in Rome. Young artist Alice has come to Rome for adventure and inspiration before settling down with her “safe” boyfriend, Daniel. Middle-aged Meg and Alec have come to Rome to rekindle their love affair, which has faded over the years. Connie and Lizzie are here to scatter the ashes of Connie’s beloved husband Henry, who’s also Lizzie’s brother.

The narrator of this romantic novel is actually Rome itself, who tells the story of the city and why it is has become a blessed place for lovers. It turns out that Rome will play a part in the lives of these characters and make sure they find the happiness they deserve.

Lovers’ Guide has been described as in the vein of Midnight in Paris and Love, Actually.  It seems that Lamprell has capitalized on the best of both in his Italian romance.  Lovers’ Guide is in part a love letter to The Eternal City and wishes to capture the imagination in a similar manner to Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris.  The ensemble romance reminds one of the interlinked storylines in Richard Curtis’ smash Love, Actually.  The two are similar as Lamprell’s novel also seeks to explore the different stages of love.  Strong love stories are always in demand so don’t look for Lovers’ Guide to stay unattached for long.

In addition to his work as a novelist, Lamprell is a director and screenwriter.  He co-wrote the 1998 sequel to the critically acclaimed Babe, entitled Babe: Pig in the City and directed the 2013 Australian romcom Goddess.  His debut novel, The Full Ridiculous was originally published in 2013.

Lamprell is repped by Nellie Flannery at Shanahan Management.


Michael O'Sullivan | Contributor

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