“Cargo” Trailer: Martin Freeman is Running out of Time in Netflix’s Zombie Drama (Video)


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cargo-poster-405x600Netflix has released the first official trailer for their zombie drama thriller , starring Martin Freeman. From the of The Babadook and based on the viral short film, Cargo tells the story of a man (Freeman) and his infant daughter who are stranded in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. When he becomes infected, the countdown begins for him to find his daughter protection before he turns.

While the Zombie genre can feel warn out at times with The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, World War Z etc., it seems like this film is trying to stay mostly fresh and new. It feels a little like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2015 zombie drama Maggie, where his daughter slowly turns into a zombie, and he stays by her side during the transformation. That being said, I’m a sucker for Zombie films, and with it being conveniently available for streaming on Netflix, I’m sure I’ll check this out.

Yolanda Ramke wrote and directed the film along with Ben Howling. Cargo also stars Natasha Wanganeen and David Gulpilil and arrives on Netflix May 18, watch the trailer below.

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