Marvel May Add Valkyrie To “Thor: Ragnarok”



After receiving great attention for finally putting a female in the title of one of their films (Ant-Man and the Wasp) and a tornado of other announcements, Marvel is pushing now for more female heroes in the rest of their franchise as it is rumored that they will be bringing the “Valkyrie” to . Marvel recently announced they had tapped Taika Waititi to direct the final installment of the Thor franchise, hoping that his comedy expertise would lighten what is looking to be a very gritty script from Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. 

It is also rumored that Mark Ruffalo’s “Hulk” will play a major role in the film as well, exciting fans who have been clamoring for “Planet Hulk” and see this appearance as a strong hint they may finally get what they want. 

In the comics, Brunnhilde was selected by Thor’s father Odin to lead the Valkyrior, a group of warrior goddesses. Her arrival in the MCU would not just mean another awesome female superhero, but an entire army of them. On top of this, Valkyrie’s primary antagonist was the Enchantress, yet another fantastic female character that could then enter the MCU. 

It is very early days to know if this is already true but that does not mean that we can’t start fan now… 



Personally, Ronda Rousey may want her own movie as she vies for Captain Marvel but I think this would be a great option for her instead. If Marvel wanted someone who looks exactly like the character they could make the choice of The Vikings‘ Kathryn Winnick who could definitely hold her own opposite Jaime Alexander and Chris Hemsworth. Finally, if really wants a more humorous touch, he can’t go wrong with either Alison Brie or Katee Sackhoff. Both actresses have fantastic range with Brie best known for her work on Community and Sackhoff as a pop culture icon in the sci-fi series Battlestar Galactica. 

No matter who they choose, I am sure we can all get excited for another female holding her own alongside The Avengers. 


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