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Mary and Jane

Now in its second episode, it has become pretty obvious that weed doesn’t have much of anything to do with MARY + JANE. The show’s more like Laverne and Shirley, if Laverne and Shirley happened to live in the same apartment and semi-ignored each other and had completely different names.


The good news is that because it’s a 30-minute show, we get to the plot punches early. This time, (I’m still having trouble with the names of the characters) Paige has an old frenemy from childhood trying to steal her weed business idea, just like she stole her look and pretty much everything else when they were growing up. The only believable part of this scenario is that Paige is from out of town. Because nobody in L.A. is actually from L.A. And then Jordan, who is for some reason hypersexual, is having some sort of relationship issues with her married couple. Although they share the name in the show, it looks as though the show is all about the blonde, with Jordan playing the happy-go-lucky sidekick.

So the food jokes have continued and may never get old because now the ladies are indulging in juice out of baby bottles when they run into “Grass Gurl,” Paige’s nemesis. Because L.A. is a small town like that. Anyway, the audience gets to meet crazy hot Tanya as she roller-skates around selling her product.

For some reason, the show then takes on a twisted look at feminism, theories on which will constantly recur throughout the episode. So Jordan has a bizarre outlook in which even though Tanya is nudging Mary + Jane out of business, she doesn’t want to push another woman out of the way.

Luckily, stereotypical feminist mobile librarian, based on a real life Angeleno, sets her straight. At least a little. While collecting money in jars for “sorrys” and “justs,” common terms that women tend to default to lessen the strength of their arguments, feminist mobile librarian is so over the top ridiculous that her real lessons are lost in her caricature. Which sucks, because the show finally had a valid point that didn’t involve taming it down by creating a weird sex dream that pairs Susan B Anthony (in a nun’s habit?) with a bumblebee’d Jenee.

And once again there is plenty of Jenee, as she has discovered a pair of dual restaurants with opposing philosophies, one where you must whisper (Shh) and one where you must shout (Yell). The clichés are silly and not particularly well done, The IT Crowd did it better and that was years ago, so clearly mocking restaurants is nothing new, more like low-hanging comedic fruit that doesn’t quite pan out anymore.


Meanwhile, if anybody cares, Jordan is busy getting presents from her married couple. Does this really happen to people? Are people so crazy hot that they get rewarded for it and then manage to complain? And do people in sex actually get confused about how they work? I really didn’t understand Jordan’s storyline this week because who gets tired of presents? And rich and brilliant really just send them to strangers like that? I need to hang with a new crowd.

So to get back to Paige, who is apparently the star of the show. Paige wants Tanya to do her own thing for once and back out of her business. So she starts “hands herpes” rumors to make customers come back to her weed and her safe handling practices. Obviously, this then leads to a heart-to-heart where she and Tanya come to an understanding. It turns out that Tanya has long been inspired by Paige and really does want to be like her. The joke is on Paige though, in the end, when Tanya’s “car that gets you high” idea gets funding from Jordan’s wealthy couple and becomes an Uber success story “Hotbox.” Basically, the end of the show is the cleverest part because of the cute wrap-up that brings the storylines of Jordan and Paige together. Also, it’s the end of the show, and I’m starting to think that’s always going to be the best part.

On another note, it’s nice to see some continuations in storylines, like Jenee still being the girl who knows what’s up, and Paige still being jealous of her ex-boyfriend cause he’s cool now and he didn’t used to be.

But I do hope that the characters all stop combining words all the time like it’s a thing. On Awkward it’s cute because it’s just one character’s quirk, but with everyone doing it’s just awkward.

Next week looks like it’s going to get trippy with some real-life vagina monologs taking place, which doesn’t seem at all like a good sell for weed lube. In fact, it seems like a good reason to avoid it.

TB-TV-Grade-C+Season 1, Episode 2 (S01E02)
Mary + Jane airs Monday at 10PM on MTV

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