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Mary and Jane

I feel like has a lot of potential on the surface. As marijuana becomes legal in more states and medical marijuana gets a little more lax, there probably really is a spot for budding ganjapreneurs. However, Paige and Jordan (I still can’t quite remember their names), aren’t exactly the leaders of the pack.


This week’s episode was kind of a loosely woven tale that was derivative of a lot of other loosely woven tales. If the show was trying to showcase that weed comes in a lot of different forms and as sellers of the product the duo would want to try these products for themselves, they failed. I was just confused as to why the weed sellers were trying someone else’s product—especially from a rather tried-and-true wise woman type. By now we’ve seen every stereotype of pot user in the book—from typical aimless stoners to cool hipsters to celebrities and now we’ve got an older user/seller making her own magical weed lube. And doling out advice on how to use it.

So use only a tiny drop and don’t feed it after midnight—which completely makes no sense other than to remind everyone how awesome Gremlins are. For some reason, the ladies are lubing up on their way to a bridal shower. Once again, the bridal shower is not for a mutual friend but for one of Paige’s acquaintances that pop up on a regular basis. Of course, the bride is a typical bridezilla that greets the ladies by bragging about her amazing life in coupledom and then proceeding to control pretty much everything around her. This made me wonder: who threw the bridal shower because it’s tacky to hold it in your own honor. Also, singles tables? Kids tables? Don’t hipsters just do those long egalitarian tables in a field and everyone can elbow their way as they see fit? Who bothers with seating arrangements anymore?

Obviously, the bride’s unpleasantness means that Paige wants to get high for the event because that’s what weed is for: you smoke it, everyone else is magically on their best behavior. But Jordan doesn’t have any weed, all they have is the weed lube that they picked up on the way over and managed to forget about all ready. So both girls head into the bathroom for some lubing up. Sidenote—not all girls are comfortable going to the bathroom together. It’s totally something that requires privacy and is a Hollywood thing, like naked pillow fights. I’ve actually had discussions with my girlfriends about how it’s so much better not to go to the bathroom as a group, for obvious reasons. So too much lube and a series of unfortunate events that evolve as the ladies are suddenly able to hear their vaginas speak. Their vaginas, each other’s vaginas, and all the women at the party. Because apparently vaginas have a lot to say and nobody listens to them.

Talking vaginas isn’t that new of a concept. Eve Ensler and her celebrity buds have been doing it for years. And when your vagina gets angry with you, like Jordan’s, you’re typically well aware of it. Itching, burning, and all those other symptoms doctors go on about let you know that you put something inside it that it didn’t appreciate it. In short, you’d be lucky if it just stopped speaking to you. What I didn’t understand is why they can hear other vaginas. That set up the plot, but it still makes no sense. So Paige hears one of the guests confess that she set up the groom and chaos ensues when she decides to reveal the affair to the insufferable bride. In doing so, there’s a lot of confusion, burning, and things that really just happen on . Because when you’re trying to hide something in real life, you typically just stuff it in your pocket, instead of scrambling for a candle to light it on fire.

After that, there’s some bizarre outdated feminism from Jordan, yet again, as the bride reveals she knew about the affair and forgave her groom but is happy that her guest finally confessed to it. There are actually a lot of outdated things at play at the party, not just from Jordan but from Paige who worries about becoming a mom. If she’s so cool and hip and with it, she could just freeze her eggs. Or the fact that Paige is the only single person at the party. What’s with that? The average age of marriage isn’t until the late 20s, so she’d likely be in good company. Plus, Jordan is single too and no one seems to count her as a guest, which is totally weird. And thus the show ends with a friendly crotch grab as Jordan proclaims them vagina whisperers that have somehow solved a problem that didn’t exist in the first place. The most believable part of the episode is the old lady having orgies at the retirement home. Pretty sure that’s a real thing.

Basically, the show has too much value and talent in it to just hate it and give up entirely. But without a new twist on old scenarios/characters/etc, there’s not enough to make the weed sitcom seem fresh. Even though it totally should be because it’s the only weed-centric comedy in existence. Other weed shows have different angles, none are the same sitcom format, and no other show consistently focuses on weed.

TB-TV-Grade-C+Season 1, Episode 3 (S01E03)
Mary + Jane airs Monday at 10PM on MTV

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