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Mary and Jane

MARY + JANE are all about creativity and originality when it comes to creating their weed business, so it’s somewhat surprising to see them dressed up as legendary stoners Cheech and Chong as they head off to Marijuanacon to meet suppliers and get their names out there. Because Cheech and Chong are better at being funny. There’s a lengthy scene where Jordan explains how Marijuanacon is like the ComicCon of weed but the name is clever enough to get you there, so it’s not totally necessary to go into such detail.


Plus Jordan may be the weed expert, but apparently Paige knows enough about the convention to create a care package for a cancer patient, which is also part of the event. Because she’s sick and twisted, she imagines that she will fall in love with her patient and they will live happily ever together. It’s unfortunate that the chose to make Paige so boy crazy romantic because it could actually have been a somewhat teachable moment about the actual need for medical marijuana, rather than another throwaway joke.

The convention center is filled with smoke and in the middle sits a strand of secret strain, a prize for the best weed creators. It turns out the girls are sharing a booth with Bentley, their rival and recurring character on the show. Played by Utkarsh Ambudkar, the character is a rare funny to look forward to.

Meanwhile, Paige is off to meet her cancer patient and isn’t ashamed to admit that she’s happy not to be paired with a girl. Because she’s not sexually open like Jordan, so how could helping a girl with cancer do any good? They could never be soulmates. Despite her optimism that her cancer patient is the tall, good-looking guy with lots of shiny hair, her patient is the cranky guy in the wheelchair that is constantly demanding to see her tits. I’ll save you the suspense. She gives in. Because that’s the kind of feminist humor that a hot girl like Paige likes to portray. Eventually, they all give in and show their tits.


Meanwhile, Jordan is busy prepping with Bentley to win the major prize at the convention. Their major competition are the Encino Dance Moms, the Juicy tracksuit wearing middle aged women that sell all the pot in the Valley. And that apparently take laxatives to stay regular because they also eat a lot of string cheese—apparently a stereotype about suburban moms of which I have never before heard.

Between all the clichés, including Jordan’s desire to break the “grass ceiling” for women in weed and Bentley’s brothers being doctors, Jordan and Bentley of course team up to go against the Encino moms and their teamwork leads to a hookup that they then try to cover up. Apparently, Paige caught on to their time in bed together, which reveals on the long drive back from Burbank to Silverlake.

After all the schemes are revealed, the viewer comes away with the takeaway that pot doctors aren’t real doctors and women are easy. The best part of the show is easily Bentley’s post wrap-up rap, sporting a colonial costume and rhyming horrible things about women that he interrupts himself to apologize for. Clearly, the writer’s room is full of feminists eager to give women the best lines on their own show. But next week, Seth Green is making an appearance so that should help turn the tide back to the ladies being the funny ones. It’s kind of nice to see a familiar face and with only two episodes left (I think), the other guest appearance is likely to be Snoop Dogg, producer of the show and king of weed promotion.


Season 1, Episode 8 (S01E08)
Mary + Jane airs Mondays at 10PM on MTV

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