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Mary and Jane

So it turns out that the tons of pot piles we’ve been previewing all season on MARY + JANE are because “unreliable” Jordan invested in half price Hufflepuff thinking that they could sell it for the usual price and not realizing that it’s probably discounted for a reason. Luckily, Utkarsh Ambudkar, guest-starring as rival weed dealer Bentley, will remind Jordan of her foolish ways and providing the only humor of the episode with regular prank calls.


“Uptight” Paige is fine with the poor investment and late payments on two power bills because she’s too busy obsessing with boys to notice anything could be wrong with her business partner’s plan. Instead, she agrees to go along with spending more money on a social media influencer to promote their poor pot. This involves a lot of inside jokes about the world of social media, blogging, YouTube and how young and rich you can be. Needless to say, it makes think the Justin Bieber is pretty special to stand out among the crowd. So while the clueless duo is searching for influencers to promote their pot, Paige comes across a dating app. Because she’s boy obsessed, she actually remembers the name of the app and ends up signing up for “Prinz” to have a virtual boyfriend named Channing but is for some reason the app asks for money to continue their relationship.

Meanwhile, Jordan is on her quest for the right influencer, rescuing from the small boy’s room in his giant house to take him to the beach for the first time. For some reason, he thinks the beach is where you pull down your pants to around your ankles. Jordan quickly disabuses him of that notion and instead takes him around to all the beach attractions, which apparently include everything but sand and water if you happen to be a brand new hipster living in Silverlake. I usually think anyone caught with their pants down is pretty funny, but it was nonsensical and the kid wasn’t even high that the joke made no sense to me. It didn’t just fall flat like all the other obvious writing. I was also unsure about what beach they were at—usually beaches have a long walk from the free parking on PCH to the sand and surf, but this beach has a free parking lot and enough activities to make the kid puke on Jordan. TBH, she kind of deserved for being so annoying. But then she’s so annoying that it really doesn’t phase her at all and they carry on with the scene.


To reward herself for finding the perfect partner to promote her Hufflepuff, which is still sitting in the corner, Jordan buys a $225 owl t-shirt. Personally, I thought owls were out, but I guess not. Or at least not to the of the show, who always seem elderly and out of touch with current hipster trends. You gotta watch out for that stuff when making episodes for future air dates, to make sure you don’t bore your audience with passé jokes.

Chaos ensues as the social media influencer buys Jordan a real owl because he thinks that they are boyfriend/girlfriend and then the owl sneaks attacks him during his onstage gaming competition as he is crying about their breakup that never happened because they never dated in the first place. And Paige is too busy having pre-screened drama with her virtual boyfriend to notice or care about much of anything, although she does have the good sense to be too embarrassed about her faux relationship to talk about it.


The odd joke and slapstick humor aside, I don’t think that Mary + Jane is really improving, so much as I’m just becoming used to the easy laughs. Next week’s episode looks more relatable as it appears that Paige wants a real that she can tell her mom about.


Season 1, Episode 6 (S01E06)
Mary + Jane airs Mondays at 10PM on MTV

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