Matt Dillon and Brendan Fraser ready for some FREAKY DEAKY


and are in negotiations to join the cast of the . Originally set up in 1991, the project has been hosted by a number of studios in its turbulent past, but in recent months, Elmore Leonard’s book adaptation has gained momentum once again. The which will see a new draft, follows a winding plot involving Woody and Robin a bomb-making ex-couple with fanatical political ideals who reunite for a score worth millions. Dillon plays Chris Mankowski; Fraser plays Skip. The duo joins Hayden Christensen, William H. Macy, Craig Robinson, Sam Rockwell, Camilla Belle and Sienna Miller. The film is finally in with Charles Matthau in the director’s chair.

Fraser and Dillon are repped by , with Dillon managed by and Fraser managed by .



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