Matt Reeves to Replace Ben Affleck as Director of “The Batman” — Why He’s the Perfect Choice


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Update (2/17, 3:45 p.m.): One week after Warner Bros. offered the director’s chair of The Batman, negotiations have broken down between the two sides heading into the holiday weekend. A studio source confirms the impasse but cautions that Reeves could always return to the negotiating table. The same thing happened with Tom Cruise and Paramount over Mission: Impossible 6.

As has been rumored over the past two weeks, Warner Bros. has officially asked to replace as the director of , and Reeves has told the studio that he’s ready to step into those big shoes, according to insiders.

The two sides will still have to negotiate a deal — which isn’t a sure thing in this day and age — but it looks like a pretty safe bet that Reeves is heading to Gotham City. In my opinion, Warner Bros. is letting the right one into the Batcave.

Reeves is probably the studio’s best director hire for the DCEU since James Wan took the reins of Aquaman. Not only did he make a low-budget hit out of Cloverfield and a worthwhile remake of Let the Right One In, but his Planet of the Apes sequel was excellent and the next one looks just as good. All of these movies had a certain darkness to them, which is why he’s the perfect choice to tackle the Dark Knight.

While Affleck opted to step away from the director’s chair, he’s still starring in The Batman alongside Joe Manganiello as the villainous Deathstroke. He also had a hand in writing the script, which was recently revised by Chris Terrio (Argo). Don’t expect him to abandon the film, especially with Reeves coming aboard.

Reeves came up under J.J. Abrams, so not only does he know how to deliver spectacle, he also knows how to keep a secret. We can only imagine what he has in store for us Batfans.

Reeves is represented by and 3 Arts Entertainment. Stay tuned to the Tracking Board for the official announcement from Warner Bros. and .

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