MGM Turns to Denzel Washington to Lead “The Magnificent Seven”


by: Sammy Mink

We reported last week that director Antoine Fuqua had been offered MGM’s remake. Now it looks like is in talks to reunite with the “Training Day” director for the project, too. The action/western remake tells the story of a sharp-shooting widow who hires a bounty hunter and a team of wanted criminals to avenge her husband’s death and take back the town from the ruthless grip of a tyrannical mine owner. The 1960 original was helmed by John Sturges and starred Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, and Steve McQueen. It was MGM’s take on Akira Kurosawa’s film “Seven Samurai.”

This project would mark the third pairing for Washington and Fuqua who have also worked together in 2001’s “Training Day” and “The Equalizer,” which is set to premiere later this year. Rumor has it that they may reunite again for “The Equalizer 2,” but nothing has been confirmed yet. Washington’s next include producing drama “Journal for Jordan” and directing and acting in “Fences,” a drama centering on an African American father struggling with race relations in the United States while trying to raise his family in the 1950s.

Washington is repped by .



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