“Michael J Fox Must Die,” Pepsi Perfect, And Other Ways To Celebrate Back To The Future Day


"Back to the Future II" (1989)

It’s amazing to think that a film like Back to the Future II could become so embedded in the cultural mindset that it has led to such a cause for celebration. But it is, and we couldn’t be happier. Products like the Lexus hoverboard and playoff games that include the Chicago Cubs are making it feel as though the 1989 Robert Zemeckis film was more than a movie–but dare we say, a prophecy?

In honor of ‘Back to the Future Day’, we’ve rounded-up a collection of the best ways to celebrate, whether you’re a diehard fan from years past, or still have yet to see the film… in the future!

6. Drink A Pepsi Perfect

If you were one of the lucky few who purchased one of Pepsi’s limited run Pepsi Perfect bottles, rejoice. If you’re like us and you didn’t, well, at least we can crack open a regular can and cheers to this BTTF-inspired ad.

5. See Jaws 19 in 3D

Okay, so we can’t really go see the nineteenth installment in the Jaws franchise. But, you can still see BTTF in theaters. Check out fandango for screenings of Back to The Future.

4. Own The New 30th Anniversary Blu Ray

Doc Brown’s back to offer a message of hope! And plug the latest release from Universal.

3. Tie your Self-Lacing Shoes

This is heavy. Nike has announced self-lacing shoes are coming…in spring of 2016. But, Marty McFly himself got to try the new shoes on first. Nike is creating more pairs for support in aid of the Michael J. Fox Foundation in 2016. Hopefully, unlike Pepsi, they’ll make enough for everyone.

2. Listen to the Soundtrack


Mondo, known for their exclusive poster art and other collectible goodies, is today only making available individual and group vinyl releases of the Back to The Future trilogy’s score. No every fan can own series composer Alan Silvestri’s incredible score. Check them out here.

1. Read Michael J. Fox Must Die


This year, we at The Tracking Board reported on the hilarious spec MICHAEL J. FOX MUST DIE by Shawn Donnelly & Steve Mazzucchi. Loosely inspired by a true story, the R-rated time- meta-comedy centers on a bitter 2015 Eric Stoltz’s struggle to go back to 1984 and prevent his younger self from being fired from the role of Marty McFly. In honor of Back to the Future Day, The Tracking Board readers are being granted exclusive access to this amazing .

So put on your self-lacing shoes, crack open a Pepsi Perfect, sit back and enjoy the read!



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