Michael Shannon, Michael B. Jordan Burn All the Books in New Teaser for HBO’s “Fahrenheit 451” (Video)


fahrenheit 451

is doing whatever it takes to turn its upcoming adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 into a real event, releasing the TV movie’s second teaser, which you can watch below.

Starring Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan, the story takes place in a “future” where books are forbidden and “firemen” are sent out to collect all books and set them on fire. Jordan plays fireman Guy Montag, while Shannon plays his boss Captain Beatty.

Bradbury wrote Fahrenheit 451 in 1953, less than a decade after World War II as America settled into a 30-year Cold War with Russia, and tyrannical government decisions did not seem particularly far-fetched at that time. The themes explored by Bradbury and Francois Truffaut in his 1966 film adaptation seem to be very relevant to what’s going on in our country at this time, which might be why decided to revive it.

TV Editor Linda Gee spoke to the film’s director and executive producer Ramin Bahrani at the TCAs earlier this year, and he spoke about the connections Bradbury’s novel and his film has to today.

Bahrani has made a number of excellent indie films including 99 Homes with Shannon, and it will be interesting to see him take on a bigger and more high-profile project like ’s science fiction film.

Fahrenheit 451 is scheduled to debut sometime this spring, most likely in May.

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