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A vengeful angel flies to MIDNIGHT, TEXAS to torment Joe Strong and attack his “Angel Heart.” This serves as an expanded introduction to the big apocalypse story for the first season’s third act. Bowie was Joe’s mentor and the leader of a demon slaying squad of angels. She showed him the ropes and hoped he would stand by her side. Bowie loved the killing but Joe never enjoyed it the same way. Eventually, Joe left the team to spend his time on Earth enjoying human pursuits. The recent thinning of the veil and flapping of his wings alerted Bowie. We first see her on the road to town when she murders a demon, also headed to Midnight for trouble.

Chuy returns to Midnight to be with Joe. Since he showed the town his wings to save Lem, why not tell their friends the rest of their secret? Joe is a fallen angel, we knew that, but Chuy is half demon on his mother’s side. It sounds silly, but it’s valid story point. There wasn’t any love between Chuy’s mom and his demon father, but she did teach him to control his demon side. This is the man Joe fell in love with years earlier. These two have been fighting or hiding from powerful forces for years, Chuy thinks it’s time to bring their friends in and face Bowie.


Bowie has angel powers and a secret of her own. Angel powers include human minds and using them against each other. Humans can’t kill an angel, but other angels and demons can. Joe could do it theoretically, but he doesn’t think he’s strong enough to face Bowie, not alone. Bowie stops at the Chapel first where she faces and abuses on Rev. Emilio. The weretiger isn’t demon but isn’t all man either. She doesn’t kill him, but she does abuse him. Manfred watches her head towards Joe and Chuy’s parlor and calls in a warning. They are gone by the time she breaks in.

Joe and Chuy hide out in Olivia’s panic room inside her panic condo. They call all the supernaturals Bowie would love to kill and warn the humans about her mind capabilities while they form a plan of attack. Manfred runs from Bowie when he sees her walking his direction. He hides in the trailer and asks his grandmother to help by possessing him. I can’t imagine what it would take to get me to ask a member of my family to hang in my mind, much less my grandmother. Bowie barges into his trailer and tries her mind trick on Manfred, but Xylda’s mind is too crowded and gives her a headache. She gets nothing useful from Manfred about Joe, but she sees glimpses of Creek.


Manfred joins the others and a plan forms. They’ll need a demon to kill Bowie since Joe isn’t strong enough, but he doesn’t want Chuy involved. It takes years for Chuy to re-cage his demon side. However, Midnight has a current demon infiltration problem, maybe they can trap Bowie and drop her in with the deadly demons. She might kill some of them, but they’ll probably kill her. It’s a win-win, but Bowie has a secret.

Bowie is also a fallen angel and no longer cares about saving human life. She grabs Creek at the diner, reads her mind, and answers her phone when Manfred calls. Bowie tells Manfred she plans to kill everyone at the diner until Joe shows himself, but Creek will be first to go. Manfred pleads with Joe to turn himself in. Joe will do just about anything for love, even someone else’s. Joe draws Bowie into the street. She releases Creek and brags about killing an angel but Manfred and Fiji spring their trap. Fiji opens a portal to hell and Lem tries to push Bowie through, but she fights back and destroys the portal. Making it tough is just good story-telling.


Joe attacks Bowie and they go a few rounds, but he was right, he’s no match for her. Chuy transforms to his demon side and attacks just in time to save Joe’s life. Chuy kills Bowie, but turns on Fiji, Manfred, and the others. Lem tries to fight the demon, but he isn’t strong enough either. Joe tackles Chuy and uses his divine light and love to calm Chuy back to his human form. However, the experience and the thinning veil takes a toll on Chuy and he doesn’t think he can hold his human form for long. He needs distance from the evil energy. Chuy isn’t the only one asking for space.

Creek has been moody since she found out her brother was a serial killer and her father covered it up. Bowie exposed her thoughts on Manfred and his role in her life to the whole town. Creek and Manfred both agree nobody has the right to walk around someone else’s thoughts but Creek realizes her place in the world is different now. She isn’t anyone’s daughter or sister anymore, no family to care about or for. Creek tells Manfred she needs some alone time to adjust her direction, but he doesn’t take it well. He packs the trailer and leaves Midnight without saying goodbye.

Season 1, Episode 07 (S01E07)
Midnight, Texas airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC

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