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MIDNIGHT, TEXAS follows its pilot with more surprises and deep mysteries with “Bad Moon Rising.” The title is a dead giveaway, it’s a full moon, and someone is going to transform; in this case, Rev. Emilio. The surprise is, he doesn’t change into a wolf, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have claws and a wicked appetite.

The pilot sets up Manfred, a gifted medium, is running from a man named Hightower. He rents a place in Midnight, but it’s infested with ghosts and a demonic entity. Manfred promises to help the community when his landlord, Bobo, is arrested in connection with his fiancé’s murder. This week, Xylda, his dead grandmother convinces Manfred to level with the people of Midnight about his troubles, first and foremost, his haunted house. Lem is out, because the light of dawn will kill him, and Rev. Emilio makes Olivia chain him in his cellar before the full moon rises, but Fiji offers her witchcraft. She had to make her own home inhospitable to ghosts when she first moved in.


Fiji enters Manfred’s home and senses the spirits right away. Aubrey is there and Manfred lets her enter his body and drive for a while. This is a cool little trick that allows Manfred to see what Aubrey saw when she was murdered. The experience taxes him and he passes out for a few hours. Fiji offers to perform an exorcism, but she wants him to leave her alone to do her work. This gives Manfred a chance to follow through on his promise to help Bobo. Former angel Joe Strong drives Manfred to the police station so he can tell them what Aubrey saw.

Sheriff Livingstone doesn’t get any answers from Bobo, his prime suspect. Deputy Gomez throws him in with a cell full of Sons of Lucifer to motivate a confession. The SOL attack, but Bobo fights them off, he puts all of them in the hospital. This wasn’t the result Deputy Gomez was going for, the Sheriff suspends her. Sheriff Livingstone is open minded enough to listen to Manfred’s details. One of Aubrey’s murderers wore a Sons of Lucifer jacket, but covered his face with a mask.  This seems like a weird move if it was someone she knew, like her hateful hubby.  They want us to believe it was racist Peter Lowry, but why would he wear a mask to kill his own wife? The Sheriff orders his team to expand their evidence search based on Manfred’s vision.


Meanwhile, angry Gomez goes snooping around town. She hears growling coming from Rev. Emilio’s cellar. She cuts the chain and investigates. Gomez discovers a large animal carcass, dinner for a very large tiger. That’s Rev. Emilio; he’s a weretiger. The weretiger kills Gomez and hangs her in a tree. Then, it goes hunting for something else to pounce on. Manfred discovers Gomez and instantly worries about his new crush, Creek. There has to more to this woman and her overprotective father.

Creek’s listening to music as she cleans the shop for the night and doesn’t hear the weretiger growling in the street. Manfred saves her in the nick of time, but weretiger chases them around the garage. Creek buys them a head start when she drops a car on the savage beast. Again, they need the help of others in town. Lem can smell the fresh blood and Olivia has her hidden arsenal of special weapons.

One of the things I already love about Midnight, Texas is how the community pulls together. They don’t just tolerate each other, they help out. They have the plumber and the mechanic, but they also have a witch and a vampire. Skills and gifts offered to secure the peace and safety of the community. The one thing I don’t see anywhere in town is kids, or signs of kids. There were some at the picnic last episode, but zero evidence of them this week.


This weretiger thing is terrifying. Olivia could put him down, but Lem wrestles it and puts it in a kind of sleeper hold. They leave it by the chapel and when dawn breaks, it transforms back into Rev. Emilio. He remembers what he did the night before and buries Gomez in an unmarked grave. The Sheriff’s team finds a Son’s of Lucifer jacket upstream from the crime scene with some of Aubrey’s hair caught in the zipper. He releases Bobo which pushes the gang over the edge. This whole evidence discovery seems like a set up. A biker doesn’t just forget his leather at a crime scene.

Bobo returns to Midnight but the Sheriff isn’t so lucky. His car explodes; revenge from Peter Lowry for setting Bobo free. The death of Deputy Gomez was a big surprise, I expected to see her picking at the Midnight mysteries throughout the season. Plus, the Sheriff would be looking for her. Now, he’s dead too. That’s a huge surprise. It also works against my theory that someone is framing the Sons of Lucifer.

Manfred’s house is cleansed of spirits, Bobo is free, and Rev. Emilio is safe for another month. However, angel Joe Strong thinks an apocalyptic war between light and dark is beginning, Fiji has a stalker demon, homicidal hater Peter Lowry is back in town and all the local law is dead.  This is a great set up for next week.

Season 1, Episode 02 (S01E02)
Midnight, Texas airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC

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