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A“Sexy Beast” follows her nose and a trail of bad boys to MIDNIGHT, TEXAS. This was a fun, fast, and furious episode. The supernatural of the week was a succubus frequently referred to as “Hot Blonde.” We’ll call her Gina per IMDB credit, while her transformed self is credited as “Hag Succubus.”

Midnight, Texas is all about the community and how each main character navigates regular life in this tricky world. There were many such ongoing storylines. For instance, the Sheriff was blown up and his deputy was murdered by Reverend Weretiger a few episodes back. This week, Bobo reads a newspaper headline about the Sheriff’s investigation. Bobo suspects the same person who he thinks killed Aubrey, Pete Lowry of the Sons of Lucifer. He knows the SoL shoot pool in the back of “The Cartoon Saloon.” Bobo wants to confront them, but Fiji talks him out of it. She likes Bobo as more than a friend and wants to move to the next level. He doesn’t seem to get it. Revenge can cloud judgment that way. He does accept her invitation for dinner, Bobo loves her shepherd’s pie, who wouldn’t?


Fiji invites Olivia to dinner to keep it friendly, but Olivia is packing for a at a nearby town, and by I mean assassination. Oliva is much more direct and challenges Fiji to have her romantic dinner alone with Bobo. She even offers Fiji some of her special gear and by gear I mean black dress and stilettos. Remember, this is for pawn shop Bobo. The night doesn’t go as planned for any of these three. Someone sacks, searches, and leaves a red swastika on Bobo’s house. He immediately checks a locked and hidden space under his truck, but it remains undisturbed. Bobo cancels on Fiji and heads to “The Cartoon Saloon” to face Lowry and the SoL. Sorry Fiji, you looked great and the dinner looked delicious. Hunger (and Fiji) plays a big part in the “A Plot.”

Olivia enters the “Isleta” hotel is disguise. She tracks and attacks her target in an elevator, then leaves in a completely different disguise. They don’t overdo this this sequence. Olivia is quick and skillful. Her target is a A-hole embezzler that cost people their homes and lives. However, someone is watching Olivia from the minute she enters and leaves “Isleta.” She confronts, subdues, kidnaps, and questions this curious cat back on her home turf.


The man, Ross Wheeler, claims he is an investigator hired by her father to find and observe. Olivia wants to know exactly what kind of information her father is looking for and Ross says he’s just worried and wants to know she is okay. Olivia finds this difficult to believe and monologues her backstory. Her father never cared about her or spent time worried about her when she was a child. He was much more interested in his junky wife, Olivia’s step-mother. However, he cut the woman off from her drug money. The junky step mother would rent her out to her drug dealers in trade. Her youth brought top dollar. Lem tells her they have that in common, he also brought top dollar in his youth. Besides that informative wiki into Oliva’s early life, we see Lem place his hands on her shoulder and suck the toxic, painful, depressing energy right out of her. Now that’s a great use of vamp-curse power.

Fallen angel Joe Strong confesses to husband Chuy that he exposed himself while fighting Lem’s old friend and the vampire nest. Chuy’s afraid, he just wants to live in peace with his husband. These guys are really sweet and caring, we don’t see them argue about anything. Joe is a fallen angel, he never accidentally deleted one of Chuy’s shows from the DVR; not one episode of Law and Order or Watch What Happens: Live? I’m willing to believe in vampires and weretigers, but perfect relationships are a story foul.

Manfred doesn’t have to be psychic to feel the stress of Xylda’s persistent vengeful , Hightower; he calls and leaves nasty messages all day long. Manfred thinks he wants more than what he’s owed but Xylda comforts him by saying Hightower won’t be a problem once he’s paid. The problem is, Manfred doesn’t have any of his usual high-paying in Midnight. Knock, knock. When the bank account is empty, the will appear.


Bobo sends Patsy to see Manfred about her missing brother Ted, and she’s willing to pay five grand if he can lead her in the right direction. Which he can, because Ted is dead. Ted died shortly after stopping to pick up hot-blonde Gina who turned out to be a hungry succubus drawn to Midnight’s radiating energy. Gina killed and fed on Ted, stole his red convertible and killed and ate another young man. Manfred finds Gina briefly, but barely escapes her fangs. He calls on the Midnight A-team for help. Lem knows a little about the succubus M.O. They wear a constant glamour spell for attraction and seek men who hurt people, “bad boys” as Gina says.

Fiji whips up a potion to break the glamour spell and slow the succubus. The squad moves out and eventually finds Gina about to feed on a local bad boy in parking lot of “The Cartoon Saloon.” Creek sprays the potion on Gina and Lem whisks her away from public sight into a clearing in the woods. The rest of the team arrives in time to see Gina transform into “hag” form. Then, she runs off briefly and takes Creek’s brother, Connor, hostage. Manfred can’t find any dragon’s breath to kill hag-Gina but the propane flamethrower substitution works just as well. She breaks down into an evil goo. Succubus problem solved and five grand towards Manfred’s debt.

Connor admits Manfred saved his life but still warns Creek away from any relationship with him. Now this is really getting weird. I understand the father’s concern but there’s obviously some sinister family secret at play.

Season 1, Episode 04 (S01E04)
Midnight, Texas airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC

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