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Hightower arrives in MIDNIGHT, TEXAS for the money Manfred owes him and more in “Unearthed.” There was a lot of action on two fronts. We get the whole Hightower story from beginning to end and Pete Lowry rolls in with his hateful band of misfit bikers to terrorize Bobo.

Manfred receives a message to meet Hightower alone. Xylda cautions him about walking into a trap, and Manfred considers making a run for it, but he doesn’t want to leave Creek and she isn’t ready to go with him. We’ve been waiting since the pilot to see what this whole Hightower scenario is about and the story plays out quick but doesn’t disappoint. We knew money was involved, the exact amount is $100K, but Hightower could have sent someone for that. There’s a sad and creepy reason Hightower insists on a face to face with Manfred.

Olivia follows Manfred to meet Hightower at the old train station. This is a big step for her, she hasn’t extended much courtesy to Manfred since he moved to town. Then again, violence is her skill set. Whatever Manfred’s secret is, he would rather face Hightower alone than let the townies hear it. Olivia spots a figure in the middle of the room and draws down while she advances with tough talk, but it’s too late. The person in the chair is dead.

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Hightower sneaks up behind them and uses black magic to disarm Olivia and use her guns against them. He also commands a storm of flying glass from all the loose shards provided by the old station. Olivia and Manfred escape back to town where Manfred explains his past to Creek. The corpse Hightower travels with is Manfred’s ex-fiancé Violet. Manfred left her at the alter on their wedding day and ran off with Hightower’s money. Violet killed herself a few weeks later. Manfred says he never loved her. However, there is more to this truth. Hightower is Violet’s father and a member of a very old and powerful gypsy family.

Creek leaves Manfred, he’s the bad guy her father warned her about. Manfred has about $78K of the money he owes Hightower, it isn’t near enough. Olivia leaves to find Lem, he didn’t return her call for help. Instead, Hightower sneaks up and disarms her again. At first, I didn’t buy that Olivia would be this easy to out maneuver twice. Olivia says she’ll take Hightower to Manfred and she does, but it’s a trap. Manfred hides and ambushes Hightower. He shackles him in the room where Lem’s old buddy planned to kill him.

Manfred could uses this opportunity to run, instead, he faces Hightower and takes responsibility for the pain he caused. Creek arrives in time to eavesdrop some of the conversation. Hightower is in pain over the death of his daughter and blames Manfred. Manfred offers Hightower a chance to talk with Violet again. Hightower accepts and they head back to the train station. Hightower has murder on the mind and his daughter’s words don’t help.

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS -- "Unearthed" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Francois Arnaud as Manfred -- (Photo by: Karen Kuehn/NBC)

Manfred summons Violet. She is angry with him, but she didn’t know him well, much less love him. Their wedding was a dream arrangement of her father’s to bring powerful psychic blood back into the Hightower family through arranged marriage. She’s so angry with her father, when Hightower asks, “What’s she saying,” Manfred won’t tell him. Violet possesses Manfred so her father can see the angry words are hers and the pain came from him. Then, through Manfred, she tries to kill Hightower, but Manfred forces her to quit. Violet’s spirit moves on, but Hightower is more disturbed than ever. He uses the flying glass trick to kill himself. That’s a wrap on the revenge plot. Manfred’s motive to hide in Midnight is dead (and he gets to keep the $78K.)

Bobo’s story also plays out tonight. The Sons of Lucifer ride through town and fire bomb Bobo’s pawn shop. Then, when Bobo and others rush to save Lem and Olivia and contain the fire, the hateful gang drug and kidnap Fiji. Pete Lowry tells Bobo he’s willing to trade Fiji for a treasure in weapons and gold bars Bobo’s been hiding from The Sons of Lucifer since he left the gang. Lowry sent wis wife Aubrey to seduce the weapons location from Bobo, but she fell in love. Lowry is convinced Bobo killed her and Bobo is convinced Lowry killed her. So who committed the crime?

MIDNIGHT, TEXAS -- "Unearthed" Episode 105 -- Pictured: Peter Mensah as Lemuel -- (Photo by: John Golden Britt/NBC)

Lem backs Bobo’s play to deliver the weapons and hides under the truck when Bobo makes the swap. The Sons of Lucifer beat Bobo and drive the truck to a different site for inspection. Lowry leads Bobo to Fiji’s container after checking the weapons, but he locks Bobo in with her. Bobo removes the drug patch Lowry used to kidnap her, but she’s still too weak to escape. Meanwhile, Lem attacks the gang members outside, their new weapons are no match for Lem’s power. He frees Bobo and Fiji. Lowry attacks Bobo in a final showdown but Bobo wins after a grueling fight. We’ll call this one Love over Hate. Bobo destroys the remaining weapons on his way out.

In the end, everyone kisses and makes up. Olivia and Lem are tight as ever, and so are Bobo and Fiji. It’s Manfred and Creek that gain real ground. Creek forgives Manfred and says she told her father about their relationship. No more sneaking around, she will stay the night. I still think there is some tragic secret behind her and Manfred, her brother and father are too overprotective.

Season 1, Episode 05 (S01E05)
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