Minority Report Review: “Memento Mori”


Airtime: Mondays at 8pm on FOX

Tweetable Takeaway: Memento Mori rears its ugly head, but far too late to save #MinorityReport from itself.

This episode of features more lens flare than a J.J. Abrams wet dream, but little else in the way of redeeming qualities. I’ve said it before, it’s too bad things turned out this way for Minority Report. If you look at the source material it held so much promise for a television series, but it was unfortunately white washed and squandered for this sterile surrogate we’re left with.

Should we talk about awkward karaoke scenes? No? Too bad. Dash belts out the tunes while he hangs out with Vega, Akeela, and Blake. Now that Blake knows their secret he’s a part of the crew, though a somewhat hesitant partner. In the middle of a pretty lovely rendition of Sexual Healing, Dash has a vision of a Senator’s murder. It sends them on crash course with the terrorist group Memento Mori.

The head of the DIA is in full swing trying to track down and stop the terrorist group, and he has plans to locate and use the precogs to help him. They are really his only hope since Memento Mori is low tech and do not leave any traces on the web or anywhere else. Sadly for him, he doesn’t know where the precogs are, and they don’t want anything to do with getting back in any milk baths.

The Senator is pushing something called Steven’s Law, which would allow the genetic modification of humans to counter genetic diseases. She isn’t very popular for her stance, and she’s a target of the terror cell because they want to stop science from tampering with humanity on the off chance the tampering actually wipes out the human race.

The DIA shows up at Wally’s place to recruit him, and unbeknownst to him Dash is hiding in the crawl space. Wally tells him no thanks, but the government is already to far into Wally’s business. The DIA also finds out about Charlie and Agatha, and heads to Fiddler’s Neck to try and track her down since he’s sure she’s a precog. She barely escapes and heads to Arthur’s place.

The Swede is a member of the terrorist cell Memento Mori and he throws some genetic material on the Senator that turns her eyes black and begins eating away the pigment on her face before it wreaks havoc on her body. He warns that this is just the beginning, though thankfully since there’s only one episode left, this is actually nearly the end.


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