Monumental Pictures Teams with Google and National Academy of Sciences for Ada Lovelace Biopic


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An is currently in the works from  and of . is set to pen the script for the project, which is being supported by Google and the National Academy of Sciences’ Science and Entertainment Exchange.

Lovelace was a gifted mathematician in Victorian England and the daughter of romantic poet Lord Byron. She worked alongside Charles Babbage, who came up with the concept of a programmable computer. For her part, she wrote the first algorithm to be carried out by a machine similar to Babbage’s design.

Her mother, after leaving Byron, never allowed Lovelace to see her father or partake in any creative activities lest she turn out like her father. Lovelace died at the age of 36, before any of her ideas came to fruition, but her notes were used by Alan Turing in order to create the Turing Machine.

In a statement, Hayward compared Lovelace and Turing: “Much like Turing, Ada’s achievements were downplayed and denied. She was a woman out of her time – a computer pioneer with a daredevil streak. We can’t wait to bring this complex and brilliant woman to the screen.” Owen added that Lovelace had “a scandalous nature to rival that of her father Byron and a scientific talent which aided the discovery of the modern computer.”

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