More “24” and “Wayward Pines” in the Works at Fox


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Fox is not letting go of or Wayward Pines just yet, and told reporters at the Critics’ Association’s summer press tour Tuesday that they’ve already been in talks with executive on both shows about doing more seasons.

“We’re really exploring what the future might be. Perhaps it will live in a more anthological franchise,” Fox Group chairman and Dana Walden said during the ’ panel. “We felt really good about a lot of the last season. It was a hard decision to make, whether we were going to bring it back.”

: Legacy starred Corey Hawkins as a new version of a Jack Bauer-type character, and the execs acknowledged the reboot was perhaps too close in tone to the original series which starred Keifer Sutherland.

As such, the execs confirmed there is talk about moving the format out of the spy thriller genre.

“We want to take that ticking clock, incredible urgency, realtime storytelling format and apply it to something else,” said Fox Entertainment president David Madden. “So the next iteration of will probably not be CTU or terrorists. It will be some other venue using that same style.”

After confirming they have already been in talks with executive about the future of the franchise, the execs revealed they have also already had talks with another showrunner about a different in-limbo Fox show: Wayward Pines.

“[M. Night Shyamalan] has talked to both Dana and me about what a third season could be,” said Madden. “We’re going to sit down with him probably in the next week or two about his thoughts and potential storyline ideas and casting ideas We haven’t made any decisions yet, but we are talking about it.”

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