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A lot of things come to a head for several of the characters in tonight, setting up more intense confrontations to come in the future. With Elliot back in front of a computer, and Mr. Robot an accepted part of his life, will Elliot be able to finish off E-Corp once and for all, while still protecting his friends and family?

When Elliot accepted Ray’s business proposal it was clear everything wasn’t going to be clear sailing. We’ve already seen how Ray treated his previous IT guy, I mean, the guy feared for his life for good reason. Whatever Ray is up to is bad shit, and now Elliot has gotten into bed with him just for access to a computer. Ray is manipulative, troublesome, and secretive, but what is he hiding? What happens if Elliot finds out?

Tyrell is still missing in action, but Joanna continues to receive gifts and phone calls that appear to be from him. The real question is whether Tyrell is dead, or if he ever existed at all. Is Tyrell part of Elliot’s psychosis? Is he made up? Is Elliot Tyrell in the same way Elliot is Mr. Robot? It’s clear Joanna will do everything in her power to not lose control, and that includes killing the guy who owns the parking lot who found Elliot in Tyrell’s car after the hack. The way she does it is incredibly cold hearted. Her security guy breaks into the man’s house, injects him with a drug that paralyzes him, and then murders him while he looks into the man’s eyes so he’ll know why he’s being killed. Joanna wanted him to die with answers.

Darlene pays Angela a visit to try and get her to help fsociety cover their tracks with the FBI. Darlene plays on Angela’s heartstrings by saying it will help protect both her and Elliot. At first Angela is not going to go along with it, but after a meeting with her ex-boyfriend Ollie things become extremely clear to her. He’s already spoken with the FBI on multiple occasions, and she discovers him recording their conversation trying to get her say anything incriminating. She’s decided to help Elliot even before she goes over to his mother’s house to meet with him. She knows she’ll have to drop something off on one of the floors at E-Corp the FBI has taken over. Whatever it is will give Elliot access to everything the FBI has on fsociety and allow him to cover their tracks.

Elliot is in love with Angela, and always has been. He’s just never been able to tell her. In reality everything he’s done, the E-Corp hack, disappearing from her life, it’s all been for her. The E-Corp hack and his planned destruction of the company is in revenge for E-Corp’s hand in the deaths of both Angela’s mother, and Elliot’s father. In a way she’s on her own revenge path from inside the company, but after her interactions with Price recently, I think she’s itching to help destroy the company in any way. Price is using her, but why? It makes her uncomfortable, and I think it’s why she helps Elliot. It’s clear her infiltration of E-Corp has severely messed with her mentally, and she seems to be the shell of the person she once was, while at the same time cultivating the ice queen persona for those around her. This may be the one way to gain control of the situation again.

Elliot needs Ray’s former IT guy to help him finish the work Ray wants him to do, but when the guy shows up, he’s had the crap beaten out of him. Elliot pushes the guy to tell him what’s going on in a chat window on the computer, the man is hesitant, but shows Elliot. We’ve already seen Ray threaten him in front of his family, so it’s clear if Ray no longer needs the man’s help he’s expendable since he knows too much. Ray already told Elliot to just do the work at hand. He doesn’t want Elliot looking at things he doesn’t need too. The problem is, Ray’s business operates deep on the dark web, and he’s into some really grimy shit. His business is hosting an invitation only dark market where you can buy weapons, drugs, hit men, and human’s sold for sex trafficking. The revelation sticks in Elliot’s craw. He used to take down guy’s for doing this kind of thing, and now he feels a responsibility to take down Ray and save the lives of all of the people he saw on Ray’s website even though Mr. Robot encourages him to leave it alone. Before he can even formulate a plan, Ray’s thugs whisk Elliot out of his own bed, and take him before Ray. Ray knows Elliot has seen the site. The IT guy probably told Ray when he was being tortured or killed, since Ray shows Elliot the rat tail that’s been scalped off of the former IT guy. Ray tells him he shouldn’t have looked, and then has Elliot beaten. How is Elliot going to take Ray down, finish the FBI hack, and stay safe all at the same time?

It’s clear Dom is honing in on fsociety, and we see she has pictures of some of the members. Did she get them from social media photos taken during “the end of the world party” fsociety held at the arcade after the hack? Her investigation takes her and a team of FBI members to China to meet with Zang, China’s Minister of State Security, who also happens to be the White Rose. We know he has ties to the Dark Army, to Price, and to fsociety, but all of this is unclear to Dom when she presses him for intel China has on the Dark Army hackers. At a party at Zang’s home, Dom wanders into a hallway filled with clocks, and ends up having an incredibly odd interaction with him. He tells her about why he’s so interested in time, and then shows her a closet full of dresses in what he says is his sister’s room, but we’ve seen him wear them when he’s dressed as the White Rose. Feeling the fabric gets him extremely emotional in front of her. She knows he’s revealed something personal. Dom is a lot smarter than she appears, and this interaction coupled with the fact she knows he doesn’t have a sister sparks her interest.

Before Dom can follow up on the questions her interaction with Zang has raised, gunmen storm into the hotel the FBI is staying at in China, and kill everyone. Dom is able to wrest a gun away from a dead agent, and shoot one of the assailants in the leg. He shoots himself in the head before she has a chance to finish him, but the episode ends with her pinned down behind a marble table while the other gunman shoots at her. Will she make it out? Are the White Rose and the Dark Army responsible for the attack in an attempt to eradicate any members of the FBI who may know anything about them? Is Zhang targeting Dom or is the Dark Army covering for fsociety? Things are left on a cliffhanger, keeping us wondering until next week.

Season 2, Episode 5 (S02,E05)
Mr. Robot airs Wednesdays at 9PM on USA


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