MTV Starts Casting for Horror Series “Scream”


by: Sammy Mink

It sounds like MTV is really going ahead with a SCREAM series, and are starting to cast some of the now-iconic roles. Based on the Wes Craven/Kevin Williamson film franchise, the series is written by Jill Blotevogel and will begin with a YouTube video that goes viral, which serves as the catalyst for a murder. This, of course, leads to much more trouble for teen Audrey and her friends, unleashing her town’s troubled past. Good news for fans of the franchise – Wes Craven has reportedly signed on to helm the pilot for the series.

As for the characters on the series, we have Harper Duval, a teenage girl who is beautiful but a little too introverted, which doesn’t stop her from hanging with the popular girls. Audrey is Harper’s former best friend, an artsty loner who rebels against her Lutheran pastor father. Noah is the tech-y nerd among the group, but with a great sense of humor.

We’re just getting casting teasers so far, which include mentions of , , and with Young as MTV’s top choice to play Brooke, the queen bee of the school. Young is known from the Disney series “As the Bell Rings,” but has also appeared in guest roles on “Pretty Little Liars,” “True Blood,” and “Kay and Peele.” Karna and Serafini aren’t particularly well known yet, Karna recently appeared in the Dan Beers comedy “Premature,” but you can be sure that if they’re cast in this series, they’ll be decorating the walls of teenage girls soon enough.

Young is repped by and . Karna is repped by Gersh and , while Serafini is with and .



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