Multiple “Star Wars” TV Shows in Development for Disney Streaming Service



More than one show is in the works for Disney’s planned direct-to-consumer streaming platform, according to company CEO Bob Iger.

Iger said “a few” Star Wars-based projects were in , with one very close to being able to be announced.

The executive also updated that the service is aiming to launch in “late 2019.”

Previously, Iger said a Star Wars live-action series was among several high-profile Disney-branded shows in for the streaming platform, including a new Marvel series and a series based on Disney Channel’s High School Musical movie franchise.

There’s no word yet on who will be behind potential Star Wars series, but it won’t be Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. The two will pilot a new series of set in the Star Wars, but did not express any interest in doing a show, according to Iger.

“Their interest was in creating a series of films that are Star Wars-based,” he said. “We’ve been talking to them for a long time. They didn’t express interest in creating a series.”

The Star Wars franchise has expanded exponentially since was bought by Disney in 2012. In addition to a new Skylwalker saga trilogy led by Daisy Ridley, John Boyga and Oscar Isaac, the company has also developed and released spinoff films, the first of which was 2016’s Rogue One, which will be followed by Solo, following a young Han Solo, set to be released in May.

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