{Must See} The Epic “Madden: The Movie” Starring Dave Franco & Christopher Mintz-Plasse


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It’s been said many times and in many ways that the game of football is an epic tournament routed in ancient tradition, calling upon a pantheon of champions to do battle on the world stage.

But what about a game about the game of football?

Or better yet, a commercial for a game about the game of football!

Scratch that, not even a commercial, but a profoundly life-changing, eyeball-splattering, and brain-imploding cinematic motion picture experience that transcends from the existence of mere mortals and projects to the level of the gods.

Well, it’s here.

And it’s Madden: The Movie.

Director , known for his work on The Sarah Silverman Program and Jimmy Kimmel, has this day changed the world of commercials, video game commercials, and football video game commercials forever by delivering a video of epic proportions.

Clearly going to be the toast of award season and gatherings of cinema’s greatest auteurs (as the film attests), Madden: The Movie is without a doubt going to be the most kick-ass thing you see all day month year.

Feast your eyes below!

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