Natalie Portman in Talks to Replace Reese Witherspoon in “Pale Blue Dot”


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Oscar winner NATALIE PORTMAN is now in talks to take over the role previously held by Reese Witherspoon in Noah Hawley’s feature debut , the Tracking Board has confirmed. Hawley directs from a script by Elliott DiGuiseppi and Brian C Brown.

The role is that of a successful female astronaut who starts to unravel when she deals with the struggle of returning to everyday life after returning from a mission in space. The movie will explore the theory that astronauts may lose their grasp on reality when returning to Earth after spending years in space.

Witherspoon departs from the project to make room for the second season of Big Little Lies, which is officially a go.

Portman can be seen in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Annihilation, from Ex Machina helmer Alex Garland, so it seems she wants to continue in the sci-fi genre.

When Pale Blue Dot will begin shooting is unclear as Hawley is currently shooting Season 2 of Legion. The director is also developing a Doctor Doom film at Fox, but Disney and Fox are in negotiations, so the future for that project is up in the air.

Personally, I think this is all for the best as Witherspoon was wonderful in Big Little Lies, and shines in the sci-fi genre.

This was first reported by Variety.

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